For love of VENUS

JGoode | 7/9/2008, 7 p.m.
The planet Venus is the most luminous of all the planets. Besides the sun and the moon, it is the ...

“Oh, my God, it’s five! Wow!” said Venus Williams when she realized that she had just accomplished something few have.  “I think definitely winning this tournament so many times definitely puts you in the stratosphere, to be honest, just because of what this tournament means,” said Williams.

Venus vs. Serena, that match up has been seen for seven times now. More often than not  Serena was the victor. But in this match that looked like a pure all out war, Venus was victorious over her younger sister with a 7-5, 6-4 win. Key to Venus’ game was the power of the serve. “Even if my opponent knows where it (the ball) is going-- on the line or close to a hundred miles an hour-- it’s tough to return. So the serve has been key for me here (Wimbledon),” said Williams. It looked a little troublesome for Venus early on, but she just needed to get in her zone, and once she was there, it was gangbusters.

It has often been speculated that the sisters play differently when they play each other. If different means harder, then that is exactly what they did. At some point during the match, Venus herself was so amazed at the complexity of the match that she had to take a few seconds to savor the moment. “I thought, ‘Wow, this is some serious power tennis.’ There were shots of mine that hadn’t been returned in previous tournaments that Serena was returning in this one. Some of her shots that had been winners, I was returning.”

While playing at Wimbledon, the Williams lived together, though they did not discuss tennis or anything associated with their matches to get to the final round, not even their injuries. In her semifinal match Venus fell and sprained her thumb, but she never told her sister/opponent. “You have to maintain your competitiveness.” She added, “I’ll help her with anything. I just won’t give her tips on how to beat me.”

That winner’s attitude with the combination of a powerful game has lead Venus to win 7 Grand Slam titles and the same attitude has allowed her sister to win 8 Grand Slam titles.  Just as good as they are on an individual basis, together they are unstoppable. Two hours after Venus’ triumphant win, the tennis giants were back on the court to claim yet another title, Wimbledon Doubles Champions. Venus said, “We came back for the Doubles and blew it out the court.”

Tennis is not the only thing on the sisters’ minds. “We want to do things after tennis, and our tennis stage is a great platform to set up the next stage for whatever we’re going to do,” said Venus. Just as she sets up a good serve, she is setting up her second career, fashion designing. Last year, the multifaceted Venus graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in fashion design, something that can’t help but enhance her clothing line, Eleven by Venus. Before taking to the courts at Wimbledon, Venus posed for the camera with her new book released in London by photographer Koto Bolofo combining her love of fashion and tennis.

The dynasty of Venus and Serena Williams is one for the record books and is to be continued as neither has any plans of slowing down. Next on Venus’ plate is the Delaware Smash at the King of Prussia Mall hosted by the Freedoms with the tennis star.