Shad Dai

Style News Wire | 6/5/2008, 8:38 p.m.
Houston, has been called the birthing place for the all American girl groups! Again, that has been proven to be ...

Houston, has been called the birthing place for the all American girl groups!  Again, that has been proven to be true!  The industry has called these two young ladies “The Reality Show Twins!” They prefer Shad Dai!! They are the next to blow with their outstanding musical talents!  They are beautiful identical twins who are singers, songwriters, and musicians who play the keys, guitar, and drums!!  Growing up in Houston, Texas has given them the awesome opportunity to work with some of numerous multi-platinum producers and has developed their talents to the ultimate professional level!  They are on the verge of making a move that could quite possibly make their lives very, very different!  They twins and their family are moving to Clark Quay, Singapore.  Their  stunning and very entertaining performance has landed the group a deal to perform their own show as the female lead R&B/Pop vocalist at “The Arena Live” located 1,000’s of miles away from home!!  Their quest of stardom will continue overseas June 15, 2008. They will perform at one of Singapore’s largest venues in a Las Vegas styled show that has brought talent from all over the world! Shad-Dai’ is one of the only groups that is contracted with “The Arena Live” until December 31, 2008!  From there, the twins will go on to Russia, a country that once was a communist country that did not allow Americans to enter.

Kiana:  “What does your name mean?”

Shad Dai: “Greek for God Almighty of Blessings.”

Kiana: “Where did the inspiration to form this group come from?”

Shad Dai: “Our mom recognizing that we had a gift form God and not just a mere phase we were going thru.  Also, all of the musically talented people in our family- you should see our family reunions. Lol!”

Kiana: “What school did you guys got to?”

Shad Dai: “Graduates of Dillard University in New Orleans.  We were in our senior year when Hurricane Katrina hit. We had to transfer to Texas A&M for a semester fearing that we would lose our credits. Dillard asked for all of the students to come back, and Dillard held class in the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans. We lived, ate, and went to class there. That is a part of our life that we will never forget!!!”

Kiana: “Who has been your biggest supporter and why?”

Shad Dai: “Our mom has been our biggest fan because she sees something in us that no one else sees.  She knows that one day we are going to be superstars and she does what it takes to get us there.  Our mom has spent her last sending off press kits, making our cloth’s for performances, doing our make up, and trying to get sponsors.  She is like Mathew and Tina Knowles. She is wonderful!”

Kiana: “What are you expecting to find in Singapore?”

Shad Dai: “Wow!! We do not know what to expect.   I guess a lot of Asian food( lol), exotic animals, clear water beaches, white sand, and a whole new world.  We expect to blow up over there.  We know that they are going to love us.  We are sooooo nervous, but we are ready to take on this new opportunity.”