Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston is Calling all Former Bigs and Littles to Reconnect and Volunteer Again

Style News Wire | 4/24/2009, 9:52 p.m.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Houston has launched its “Calling All Bigs and Littles” campaign, encouraging adults who have ...

The need for adult mentors is great. There are currently more than 700 children who are waiting to be assigned a “Big” – and who better to mentor a child than a past “Little” who has been in their “shoes?” Former “Bigs” also make exceptional candidates. Their experienced approach ensures that any “Little” would be in good hands.

The impact of a Big on a Little is no more apparent than in the friendship between Sean Golden and his Little. Golden, a competitive gymnast has been matched with his Little for three years. He joined the organization because he wanted to reach out to children and help them raise their self esteem and motivate them to do great things in their future.

Since being paired, Sean has watched his Little transform into a confident and academically successful young man. “He was definitely a very shy, reserved child that didn’t trust people very much,” Sean said. “Now he’s much more gregarious. It’s an incredible change. He was in a place where he felt no one could relate to him . He really needed a male in his life most of his family members are female. I came in at the perfect time.” With Sean’s mentorship, his Little went from getting C’s and D’s on his report cards to making A’s and B’s. “He’s got a lot of confidence now,” Sean happily explained.

BBBS is encouraging all past participants and alumni to share their stories with the organization through a story box that has been added to their website, The organization will be able to gain insight from submitted testimonials and will use the information to help recruit volunteers.

To celebrate the campaign, BBBS is hosting a special event on May 30 from 1-4 pm at Discovery Green in downtown Houston. The afternoon will be chocked full of fun games and activities, such as Red Rover, Simon Says, Checkers, karaoke and more.  The event is free and open to the public, with current Bigs and Littles serving as the VIPs of the day. BBBS hopes to reach out to former and new volunteers and demonstrate to the public what a difference “Bigs” really makes in the life of a child.