A "Whey" Better Protein: All-Natural, Grass-Fed Amish Cows' Milk and Unique Processing Combine To Create The Cream Of The Crop In The Whey Industry

Style News Wire | 8/6/2009, 6:26 p.m.
For decades people have been using whey protein as a dietary supplement - some to build lean muscle, others for ...

"Not all whey proteins are created equal," explains Ryan Van Woudenberg, chief executive officer of LifeBuilder Nutrition, maker of LifeBuilder Ultra Protein. "It really comes down to the quality of ingredients and the proprietary processing techniques."

LifeBuilder Ultra Protein has several unique features, including the use of milk that comes only from Amish natural grass fed cows, offering unique benefits naturally contained in grass pasture whey. Additionally, the power and potency of LifeBuilderlies in carefully retaining the original, natural power structure of whey protein, and then further strengthening it to ensure its quality. LifeBuilder utilizes their proprietary MAPS Technology to carefully retain the whey protein in its most natural and unrefined form, and delivers the whey's natural power structure in every serving.

"The right whey protein can be profoundly beneficial to one's health -- much like a natural super-food," adds Van Woudenberg, "but only when its raw power is carefully retained, and delivered to you in its most natural and unrefined form." Virtually all protein powders on the market today are refined, much like processed sugar. Many protein supplements are nothing more than glorified cake mixes with no true deep nourishing value. Beware of those loaded with artificial sweeteners, sugars, artificial flavorings, chemicals and preservatives -- overly processed, refined, de-natured junk.

A month's supply of Chocolate or Vanilla LifeBuilder Ultra Protein Packets sells for $39.99 and is available at: www.lifebuilderpro.comFor additional information, go to: www.lifebuilderpro.com