Make a New Year’s Resolution to NOT DIET in 2010

Tonja Ward | 12/29/2009, 8:03 p.m.
What if a discovery was made that most DIET programs DO NOT WORK. That diets don’t lead to sustained weight ...

What if a discovery was made that most DIET programs DO NOT WORK. That diets don’t lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people. Or that one-third to two thirds of all dieters regain more weight than they lost within four (4) years. Would you reconsider your plans for dieting this New Year? Well, it’s all true and supported by scientific studies. A diet probably will not be your best resolution for the New Year.

Restrictive diets are temporary fixes that make you focus on food even more, stress you out and in the end set you up for the likelihood of regain. Yet, year after year we make the same resolution to get healthy and lose weight. Then we resort to a diet to help us get there. And the promise of the diet (in small writing) is… “results NOT typical.”

With this ‘promise’, diet companies compete for your attention by touting low carb, no carb, high/low protein, low fat, low sugar, counting points or packaged meals. However, in a study examining diets with different proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat, researchers found that it made NO difference what kind of diet people followed. By reducing calories they initially lost weight but after two years average participants had regained weight and were on a path to further regain.

For a lack of results to be the norm it’s really surprising that diet companies are even still in business. But, consider the economics of the diet industry. It is the only industry that continues to grow consistently without proven or satisfactory results for the majority of its consumers. In fact, as the diet industry has prospered the overweight and obesity rates in America have soared and propelled lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So do we go on dieting to overcome the health crises in America? Albert Eisnstein once said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If we apply this definition to dieting, what can we expect?

If you want a different result you must do something different. Making sustainable changes for better health and wellness begin with a change of the attitude of the mind and heart…then the body will follow. That’s what FITatudes – Feeling Inspired Together + a Godly Attitude – is all about (

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