ZIN, Houston Artist and Radio Personality, Releases Highly Anticipated Album, “Mental Graffiti”

Style News Wire | 6/15/2009, 9:52 p.m.
ZIN, hip-hop artist, radio personality and activist, will release his highly anticipated album, Mental Graffiti on Trickle Down Entertainment, on ...

Mental Graffiti, the third studio album from ZIN, is described by critics as a mix of hip-hop, soul and funk-think Parliament Funkadelic meets Gil Scott Heron meets Mos Def.  The music on this album speaks to people from all walks of life.  The sounds heard on Mental Graffiti are an eclectic mix for all music lovers. The album track “Beautiful” is inspired by ZIN’s love for his community and family. Also, the track, “Listen” combines classic hip-hop with traditional African drumming rhythms.

All but four songs on the album were written and produced by ZIN at Houston’s Drumusic Studios.  Other artists featured on Mental Graffiti include, former Wynton Marsalis trombonist Andre Hayward, Bay-Area Atlantic recording artist, Mistah F.A.B, internationally known Guinean Djembe drum player Mohamed Diaby and local Houston artists including Bobbie Fine, Justice Allah and Michele Thibeaux.

ZIN, an experienced artist and producer, has worked with industry giants such as Public Enemy, Dead Prez and HBO Def Poet, Sunny Patterson.  Most recently, Zin worked with pioneer hip-hop group, X-Clan to co-executive produce the group’s latest album, Mainstream Outlaws.

For more information on ZIN or Mental Graffiti, visit www.trickledownent.com