Mystical Hawaii – Obviously Not Just Another Day in Paradise

Style News Wire | 3/25/2009, 4:08 p.m.
‘We’re in trouble. We need your help.’ A cryptic plea tucked into a Honolulu party invitation puzzles Hawaiian P.I. John ...

‘We’re in trouble. We need your help.’ A cryptic plea tucked into a Honolulu party invitation puzzles Hawaiian P.I. John Spyer.  The note is from Hillary Haverhill, a woman he’s never met.  She’s the new bride of Randy, John’s friend from childhood.  Dr. Randolph Haverhill is now an economist of international renown.  If Randy is in trouble, why didn’t he write the note himself?  Suppose Randy’s second wife has figured out that her new husband is a world -class womanizer?  If Hillary wants to enlist his services in a marital dispute, Spyer is not up for that.  John’s not eager to spend time in Honolulu, either.  This playful tropical city is also haunted, as any Hawaiian knows, and John ‘Oluhana Maalaea Spyer happens to be one haunted man.  Too bad Spyer is only half Hawaiian and so pays only half attention when mercurial fire goddess Madam Pele warns him to stay off the Randolph Haverhill case.  No decent Hawaiian ever says no to an old friend, however.

Despite Madam P’s  warning, Spyer investigates the death of his childhood pal Randy Haverhill, which takes him home to Honolulu’s ancient Nuuanu Valley, opening  his own psychic wounds in the process and putting to the test his love for Maya, his girl friend from the mainland.  Spyer is soon privy to a frightening tale of obsessive love.  Randy Haverhill was charisma on steroids, way too popular with the ladies for his own good.  Though Hillary and Randy’s ex-wife Eva detest each other, they agree on on e thing: Randy was stalked and shot to death by one of his crazed lovers.  So why is it that the police persist in the notion that Haverhill was murdered by his own son?

One Big Itch (ArcheBooks), is the latest exciting thriller from Sara Williams; an author who has already demonstrated a distinct knack for writing breathtaking page-turners.  She will not disappoint her readers in her latest character-driven novel with its hair-raising twists and turns.  When the police uncover new evidence at the mansion and Spyer discovers an erotic manuscript on Randy’s laptop, there follows a cat and mouse game of chase with some undesirable characters involved in an erotic book club.  The excitement builds when events take on new and unexpected twists, leaving the reader  anxious to keep turning the pages of this brilliant “whodunit” – all the way to its suspense-filled climax.

Sara Williams and her husband lived in Hawaii for ten years, lending authenticity to her book through her own experience of this magical paradise.  Her first novel, The Don Juan Con, was optioned in Hollywood by producer Robert Evans for Paramount Studios.  Her second novel, The Serenoa Scandal, was the prequel to her latest novel, One Big Itch.