Black History Past & Racism Present

Style News Wire | 2/24/2010, 8:14 p.m.
n recognition of Black History Month, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation will host an educational and interactive discussion about every ...

In recognition of Black History Month, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation will host an educational and interactive discussion about every concerned black parent's worst nightmare---his/her child being treated, called and defined as a nigger. This Black History discussion is designed to encourage healthy self-worth among black families, deter racism and promote healing among all Americans. It will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2010 from 10:30 a.m. till noon at Houston Community College-Stafford, Scarcella Science & Technology Building, Room W102, 10141 Cash Road, Stafford, Texas 77477. On 07/07/07, Tammie Lang Campbell, Executive Director of the Honey Brown Hope Foundation, buried the "n"-word, but unfortunately Random House, Webster and Oxford dictionaries didn't take note of the burial.

Many may ask, "Why drag up nigger? America has an African American President and nigger is a thing of the past. Answer: The "n"-word is still the most derogatory racial slur. It dehumanizes, reinforces negative stereotypes and deepens the psychological wounds that still linger in blacks from slavery. This wound is re-opened on a regular basis. Last month a local televised news story titled, "Texas Birth Certificate Lists 'Negroid' as Man's Race" highlighted Kathryn and Lloyd Patterson's fifteen year struggle to get their thirty year old son's race corrected on his birth certificate. During our Black History program, Mrs. Patterson will share how and why they fought with Texas Department of State Health Services to get this offensive label off their son. Additionally, "A Call to Action" will be issued to burn reference books with the "n-word" definition and replace them with a Third Barnhart Dictionary of New English, which does not list this racial slur in it. Recently in Fort Bend Independent School District's Quail Valley Elementary School, a black male student checked out a book titled "Catch a Tiger by the Toe." When his mother reviewed the book, she was shocked by the "n" word being used in a scenario where one little boy suggests catching a nigger, instead of a tiger, by the toe to his friend. After bringing the book's racial slur to the principal's and librarian's attention, these school officials advised the mother that the book would be reviewed to determine if it would be removed from the library.

"It is questionable how any school can justify not featuring President Obama's Back-to-School message, while subjecting it students to racially charged literature and reference books, says Tammie Campbell. Webster, Random House and Oxford dictionaries defining blacks as niggers based on the color of their skin is a racial assault upon blacks' identity. These reference books' definitions legitimize the racial slur and deny blacks of an educational tool to defend themselves against it."