Four Ways To Make A Woman’s Day Better (Holiday Edition)

Demez White | 12/11/2013, 9:08 a.m.
I often write about taking trips, buying lingerie or eating at four star restaurants but I realize not every man ...

All men aren’t created equal so what I’m writing about may not be your style when it comes to the woman in your life. That doesn’t mean it’s not good advice. Take it and run with it, some of it may seem cheesy or over the top but life is stressful enough. Taking yourself too serious in a courtship, relationship or dating situation isn’t necessary.

One- Celebrating Just Because. Most days aren’t bad and they aren’t good, they’re just days. We go to work, we may be incredibly busy, we may mess around but either way there’s not much memorable about it. So say she calls you and says, “My boss is so dumb, he handed me a stack of reports at 3:00 like I don’t get off at 4:30!” You know she’s mad, you know she’s stressed. Buy a cake, I’m dead serious. I’m talking about a 10 dollar cake from Wal-Mart or HEB or Fiesta. Have them write something incredibly cute on there for her. Buy candles, buy balloons, buy wine. Even buy one of these little birthday hats. Watch her smile.

Two- Online Gift Cards. I read an article recently that said most women look at their phones every 15 minutes or less. That they sleep in the bed with them and take them to the bathroom. Women love technology and shopping. A lot of guys feel like 30 or 40 dollars isn’t a lot of money. You send a woman a 30 or 40 dollar gift card from her favorite store via email. She’ll make that money work. Side note: Online sales are always better than in store sales. If her favorite store is expensive send a Visa gift card.

Three- A Love Letter. Off top let me say writing your “her” a love letter is pointless if you haven’t put any actions in. Love letters rarely work by themselves, you write to her how beautiful she is, how much better she makes your life, how sexy she is and all she’s thinking about is, “If he appreciates me this much then why isn’t he doing better, doing more.” Women love romance but more than that, they love poetic nastiness. If she’s yours, if she’s into you, write freaky things to her. Tell her what you want to do with her, how you think about what you’ve already done. Make it nasty but just tasteful enough. Guys are lazy these days, everything is short hand text and abbreviated words. Give her something to read, something to hold onto.

Four- Music is everything, especially to a woman. Most women I know prefer listening to music at home over watching TV. They listen to it in the car, at their desk. They relate to the ratchet music, to the Christmas music, to the love songs. You just have to know your her. Buy a CD. I’m serious, with iTunes and mixtapes and the radio how many guys have just went to a store, found an old CD and said, “I thought you would like this.” A Mariah Carey Christmas CD from 96, The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, an old En Vogue or Tupac CD. It could be the Love Jones soundtrack or maybe NSync’s first CD. It’s not the money, it’s the effort, the thought.

I often write about taking trips, buying lingerie or eating at four star restaurants but I realize not every man is in the position to afford those things. Furthermore I realize that every woman isn’t in the position to accept expensive gifts from you. If she’s not ready to commitment is she going to want to go to Austin with you for the weekend? Is she going to want to accept a diamond tennis bracelet or feel comfortable coming to your home for a romantic dinner? There’s baby steps to take, these are the steps to help you get started. Or if you’re just financially strapped.

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