Sayonara 2013!

Heather D. Nelson | 12/17/2013, 12:05 p.m.
Thanksgiving is done and we are fast approaching Christmas. For me, these holiday times have been filled with so many ...
Heather D. Nelson

I brush my teeth, set my alarm for 2:30am, and crawl into bed a little after 1am. 2:30am is the 3 hour mark after being dosed and should be roughly as low as he will get, and hopefully that will be the last check of the night. I set my alarm. However, at 2:30am, I wake up and check his blood sugar, and he's still around 260. I just chalk it up to the idea that the manual shot hit him fast and my 12:45 check was as low as he got...doesn't seem quite right...but I punch that into the pump and set my alarm for 3:30am (about 50 minutes later) and go back to sleep.

At 3:30, the alarm goes off and I go to check him again...he's 280...he's gone UP...CRAP!!! I made the wrong decision earlier. Now I have to assume, at this point, that the infusion set on his pump isn't working regardless of what the actual problem is. His infusion set has only been on a little over a day (they usually go about 2.5 days before we start having problems with the body's healing process blocking the insulin). However, he has also wet the bed. This is unusual for him and is likely his body's response to trying to flush out sugar when it's not getting enough insulin, which implies the infusion set probably IS the problem. So, I wake up my wife, Heather, and ask for her help to change his clothes and sheets while I go prepare a new infusion set. She’s much better at getting him to cooperate in the middle of the night than I am at times and let’s face it, he’s 4 and about to get woke up to change clothes and get a shot – he’s gonna be CRANKY!

I go down and get the infusion set primed and ready with the pump while she changes his clothes...I get upstairs, we put on the new infusion set while he sleeps and then wake him up to change the sheets. He does NOT like to be woken up, and I feel bad for the little guy having to deal with people coming into his room at all hours of the night poking him with's like permanently living in a hospital. So, after we get him back in bed, I lay down with him and sing him the ritual bedtime songs to try to help him go back to sleep. At 4:15, he's still awake chatting my ear off while I try to sing, but it's time for him to sleep. Before I head off to bed myself I check his BG again to make sure he's come down. His BG is 230--YAY! It was the infusion set...sigh of relief...probably no ER run tonight. However, that was a fast drop, so now I've got to watch him to make sure he doesn't drop too low.