Kennerson Gives a Glimpse of Her Life Story in Latest Fictional Novel

Dawn Paul | 12/19/2013, 3:52 p.m. | Updated on 12/19/2013, 3:52 p.m.
If I tell you where you can get intrigue, secrets and drama, don’t think I’m talking about the next season ...

If I tell you where you can get intrigue, secrets and drama, don’t think I’m talking about the next season of Scandal.  I’m talking about Consequences, the latest fictional novel by acclaimed author Martha Kennerson.  She caught the writing bug three years ago and has been on fire ever since using her freedom as an author to successfully develop stories that continue to move and entertain a diverse fan base.  If you were a fan of Choices her first book, then Consequences won’t disappoint.  This latest read justifies why Kennerson continues to climb up the chain of literary success. 

Consequence’s absorbing plot focuses on a young woman named Kristine.  Like many women, Kristine has had a damaging experience that can put one in situations where choices may result in dire consequences.  Betrayal and sexual assault are among the delicate topics that this book touches on.  Consequences’ female readers appreciate this novel even though it is fictional because they have experienced something similar or know someone who has.  Not surprisingly, Kennerson’s male fan base has had the same strong reaction as women to the victims in this novel.  Consequences is not only about heartbreak and tragedy, but also has a touching theme of forgiveness and survival.

Kennerson’s narrative writing style allows Consequences to capture the attention of the reader throughout the entire novel and gives us a glimpse into her life as well.  This latest novel is the fictional version of Kennerson’s life story and I admire her courage for being open and honest about her own struggles and difficulties.  Many fictional authors are not that transparent and I believe that is why Kennerson has such a strong following.

Consequences is Martha Kennerson’s second novel.  Currently she is completing a romantic novella and next year starting a full length novel based on a real life experience.  For more information about Consequences and Kennerson’s other projects please visit

Martha Kennerson took some time to talk with Houston Style Magazine about Consequences.

What was your motivation for writing Consequences?

My eldest daughter was going off to college and I wanted her to understand as well as be on the lookout for certain dangers while she’s out on her own. As a result of that conversation, we both decided that my cautionary tale was a story that should be shared with others.

You are a corporate executive and now a successful author.  Talk about the importance of holding down that 9 to 5 job while pursuing your passions. 

So many people think you can’t pursue your dreams when you have to hold down a 9 to 5. That’s not true. Is it hard doing both and may take you longer to see your dreams come true, but it is absolutely worth it in the end!  

Being that you are a corporate executive, are people surprised that you wrote Consequences with this type of plot?

Yes, they are very surprised.  Most people that know me and read the book had no idea that I’d been through something so horrific. The fact that I’d survived and even thrived was even harder for some to believe.