Tai Chi Tree House Retreat on January 10, - 12, 2014

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Sound Fun?

Bring a friend. Release your inner child. Camp out in a Tree House. Practice Qigong, Meditation and Tai Chi with a cool community of people renewing the spirit of youth.

Join Henderson Smith

Enjoy a fun and empowering way to start the New Year 2014!

Layer up! Bundle up! Bring your sleeping bag! Bring your Pajamas! Bring your inner kid!

$250 each with groups of 5 or more | $295 before Dec 31 | $325 before Jan 9, 2014

Camp Allen Retreat Center

18800 FM 362 – Navasota, TX 77868


Mind-Body-Breath Training for the SELF that only YOU Can Master

Key components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi —along with its predecessor, Qigong — are self-care practices used to explore the essence of life and are applied to increase vitality, longevity and inner peace.

Rates include: 2 nights lodging in a Tree House with friends. Pajama Party at the Lake Side Meeting Center. All meals, snacks and beverages. Great conversation, camp fire camaraderie and community building. Cool activities and all the Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation training you need to rejuvenate for the coming year.

More than fun, the practice of mindful-movement and rhythmic-breathing will help you to cultivate conscious control of the mind-body and breath through which all human experience is realized.

Register at: http://livingwelltherapies.net/upcoming-events | Call: Henderson Smith at 713-412-2157

E-mail: Henderson@livingwelltherapies.net