Kerry Washington Speaks About Her Olivia Pope Character

Style Magazine Newswire | 5/14/2013, 6:45 p.m. | Updated on 5/14/2013, 6:45 p.m.

Kerry Washington recently defended her Scandal character Olivia Pope and says she doesn’t really appreciate people calling Olivia a side chick…

On why Kerry says she loves playing Olivia Pope:

“We all have a job identity where we have to be in control and we know what we’re doing. Sometimes for our family, we have to act like we’re okay. But then behind closed doors we’re human. I love that about her.”

And when it comes to the “side piece” label Olivia Pope gets from fans of the show, Kerry says she HATES the term and thinks it’s a label that makes women feel bad:

“I just mean for women…I feel like when we refer to other women as a piece it’s objectifying. But I mean also, the President has said to her, ‘I will leave my wife for you.’ She said ‘No.’ So it’s sort of a question on whether she’s choosing to not be with him, she doesn’t believe she deserves it because she doesn’t really think he’ll leave his wife. But he has said, ‘I’ll give up all of this for you.’ So is she a side piece or is she just someone who’s afraid to be all in? I don’t know. Only Shonda Rhimes knows.”