Pristine Clarity

Heather D. Nelson | 9/9/2013, 5:44 a.m.
I’ve done several articles to date about my life with a Type 1 Diabetic child. In truth, it’s been cathartic ...
Heather Nelson's two boys

Heather D. Nelson

Heather D. Nelson

I’ve done several articles to date about my life with a Type 1 Diabetic child. In truth, it’s been cathartic for me but I do hope it’s helping others in some way. I hope somewhere, some poor mother who is scouring the net looking for answers comes across my words and reads them and says, “YES!!!! I FEEL THIS WAY TOO….I’M NOT ALONE!!!!” If that’s been you, YAY! YAY that we found each other and YAY that I was able to use my love of writing and this AWFUL situation we are both in to somehow make a difference. But if I may shift gears a bit, I’d like to sidebar my usual awareness and education emphasis and discuss a gift my life has been given since our family began down this road.

Prior to diabetes, my life was fairly typical. I went to school, I grew up, I got married. Life happened, I grew up a little more, we had baby. Life happened, we moved across, I grew up some more, we had two more babies. With each shift in our phase in life came it’s own set of challenges and upsets. Growing pains, if you will. My husband and I had to learn more about ourselves, more about each other, and more about our place in this life and our impact in this world. We thought we were exactly where we needed to be and we were content, for the most part, with how things were going. SURE we had the usual trials as any other couple does; money stress, new baby woes, sleep deprivation, busy schedules, scrambling for date-nights, arguing over household chores, the usual. We were like any other couple. We had friends, but clung mostly to each other and our family’s and enjoyed the little bubble of life we called our own.


Life happened, diabetes came. Life happened, we moved across country. Life happened, we lived with family. Life happened, and happened, and happened, and happens still to this day….sometimes all over us. Gone are the moments to regroup and find normal before a new swing flies and we’re picking ourselves up off the floor.

The growing pains we have – even still – are ever evolving just as our lives are. It’s not terribly unlike the diabetic dance we do for our son. We check his blood sugar, adjust to the number, correct with insulin or sugar (or both…don’t ask…it happens) take a step back and a deep breath and then get back in the ring for another round. And just as we do that dance, we do the dance of life. Only now, instead of swinging wildly from one life change to another with no real focus, we are now pristinely focused. Focused on what really matters. Focused on what truly is important in life. We have been given a gift of clarity that was sorely missing before. My husband could likely argue that he already believed in the epiphany I have recently had, but I see a shift in him too. And it’s not ALL diabetes related either! It’s been a far reaching ramification of the veil being lifted in our once overly cluttered lives.