Entrepreneurs, Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Dream: Tiffany Speller

Demez White | 9/23/2013, 5:50 p.m.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and leading into this month we're going to highlight small businesses that not only ...

For all of her faults, America is still the land of opportunity. In the midst of all the cities that are collapsing and the job markets that have dried up there is still the option of picking up and starting over. Whether you’re starting in the mail room in corporate America or as an Entrepreneur, with dedication and a plan you can rise above your own expectations.

On hot Thursday afternoons in Houston, TX, you can find Tiffani Speller standing in the bleachers with her team mom shirt on and jeans, cheering when she sees the rest of the parents cheering because she doesn’t really follow football. She just knows that her son looks faster than the rest of the kids out there. Ignoring the vibrating phone in her back pocket she’s made a promise to herself not to answer until the game is over.

That’s what she said when she left the house but when you’re a small business owner that has just opened your second location in two years along with an online presence you have to take a moment from the excitement of a 14-14 Little League game and answer the phone.

Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair isn’t just a business that’s taking advantage of what seems to be a booming market at the moment. When she decided to make the transition from part-time to full-time entrepreneur, she tested the waters from being an online only company (which she’d done for 2 years prior to relocating to Texas in 2011) to having a physical location by opening a small store in a salon suite for one year.

The success of the store inside the salon suite gave her the confidence to open a real brick and mortar location and in June 2012, she opened the boutique in the Reliant Arena area. In the year since it has opened, she has opened a salon (The Luxury Suite) within the store. That business model was copied for the North Houston location as well. Today they have two retail locations and two full service salons.

Not just wanting to make a profit with selling hair, a corner of the store is dedicated to selling the latest in trendy clothing. They also have an onsite makeup artist. “We specialize in total transformations of all races and hair types!”

Using those transformation skills Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair is becoming known for, Tiffani started “It’s Me Again” which is her company’s very own internal wig recycling program.

“After I launched the program, it wasn't long before people starting asking for the wigs. The first time that I was able to help a client pick out a wig and give it to her free of charge, she cried, and so did I. Sometimes, when women are fighting the battle against cancer, and lose their breasts and their hair, their self esteem can be affected. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to bring happiness into someone's life simply by giving.”

Ask her and she’ll tell you that her most important job is being a mom, and on those days, she’s casual in sweatpants and tank tops, flip flops while giving hugs. On those days, she tries her best to stay away from the salons because she knows that she and her employees are the biggest advertisement for her business.