Monstrous Mayhem Unleashed for Three Weeks of Halloween at the Children’s Museum of Houston Safe trick-or-treating, 4 – 6 p.m. every day! Oct. 12 – 31

Moe’s Monster Mash Bash opens till 8 p.m. on Oct. 31

Style Magazine Newswire | 9/23/2013, 1:41 p.m. | Updated on 9/23/2013, 1:41 p.m.
Monstrous mayhem will be unleashed when the Children’s Museum of Houston is transmogrified into the Monsters’ Museum of Houston for ...

Monstrous mayhem will be unleashed when the Children’s Museum of Houston is transmogrified into the Monsters’ Museum of Houston for three weeks of Halloween. From Oct. 12 to 31, we dare you to witness how monsters have rummaged, scoured, combed, and turned upside down the Museum to make room for their monster lairs. This hair-raising experience will allow you to “catch monsters” in the act, interact with their pals, observe and comprehend their behavior, participate in monster hobbies, and discover why monsters may be just simply misunderstood!

  • Find the hidden monster clues to go on a trick-or-treat hunt, 4 – 6 p.m. every day.
  • Examine deposits of slime left by slobbering monsters at the Crazed Chemist Lab, Oct. 21 – 31.
  • Make Drippy Monsters appear or disappear.
  • Give monsters feelings by mixing and matching features and expressions in Monster Mix Match.
  • Master the monster language by making shrieking Monster Calls.
  • Take a bite out of hydraulics by making moving clenching jaws at Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab, Oct. 12 – 23.
  • Prevent monsters from feeding on pumpkins by painting pumpkins, Oct. 26.
  • Use iPads to catch monsters in action or strike a monster pose, Oct. 19.
  • Party with a DJ during Moe’s Monster Mash Bash on Oct. 31!

The Museum’s beloved Moe Monster will guide you through a gnarling Halloween adventure complete with daring dragons, ghastly ghosts, rotten mummies, otherworldly aliens, man-eating plants, flying books and more, with the intention of learning from the best and brightest in Monsterdom!

We encourage you to drop your human disguise, dress in a menacing monster costume and release your inner monster to avoid raising suspicion from other monsters and their pals (let’s not provoke them). If you don’t have a costume, stop by Halloween Street to disguise yourself with a Monster Mask or carry your own mini Moe Monster figurine to blend in. Uncover the “terribly gone wrong” experiments concealed in the Crazed Chemist Lab where Polymer Orbs will magically appear, Wriggly Worms will ooze at the touch of your hands, and sensory overload will unravel when you try to figure out What’s in the Box?

Get caught in a web of mystery at the Spider Lair where some of the most sinister spiders reside and mysterious monster hobbies will be untangled every week, like deciphering Hidden Monsters and Messages or concocting

Ghost Bubbles (Oct. 12), hypnotizing humans with Spooky Glow Eyes (Oct. 13),  or shopping for designer Monster Feet (Oct. 26 & 27).  Even monsters like to look good while they spook!

The Bat Colony’s “infestation” will make you wish you were blind as a bat.  This shuddery sight will get you using your sense of smell to “locate Baby Bats,” but it may also change your perspective to even make you want to take home an Origami Bat.  Cyclops, ogres, vampires, werewolves and zombies will welcome you to Castleblanca’s creepy country where you can test if Monster Symmetry exists.  Before you depart though, take a Halloween Pattern Bracelet souvenir as a good luck charm.   You’ll need it for when you head over to the Maze!