Mastering the Basics of Working Out with Kira Stokes

Fitness Expert Ensures Others Safely Work Out with the Right Moves

MiMi LaRue | 4/11/2014, 1:06 p.m.
Forget the fancy workout gear. You need nothing more than your own body weight to keep your fitness routine intact ...
Kira Stokes

Forget the fancy workout gear. You need nothing more than your own body weight to keep your fitness routine intact – just make sure you are doing the moves correctly. Whether you're new to the gym or a long-time fitness lover looking for a refresher course, one thing can't be denied: mastering the basics is essential. While there are hundreds of different techniques you can use to train, some principles remain constant.

Kira Stokes talks with Houston Style to help readers re-visit and re-learn the basics, carve out fitness goals, and help all feel confident that they are headed in the right direction.

Kira's focus is on innovative training. She has developed a signature training technique, The Stoked Method, which combines functional and traditional methods of working the body. Her personal training methods have evolved to include a unique combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, sports specific drills, yoga and Pilates. Kira combines all of these disciplines into her proprietary “Stoked Series” of classes: Stoked360™, Stoked At The Barre™, Stoked Primal™, StokedAbs™, Stoked Cross-Core™, Stoked Uptown/Midtown™ and her indoor/outdoor boot camp style classes, Stoked F.I.T. Camp™. She also co-created the “RIP Ride” and revamped the “Body Ride” for Revolve’s New York debut.

Houston Style: Thanks for joining us this afternoon, Kira. I imagine that you are in overdrive up there in New York. I’m excited that you’re encouraging people to implement exercises that gets us back to the basics like dips, squats, and lunges. What’s the workout plan?

Kira Stokes: As a trainer with 20 years of experience, I have always wanted people to learn the building blocks of the basics. Too often people are told what to do instead of being taught. It’s the basics of doing the plank – I see people do it incorrectly all the time. It’s a big responsibility to have someone’s body in your hands. How are they going to feel in 20 years?

HS: Fitness is a combination of exercise and eating clean and we know abs are made in the kitchen. What do suggest as a starting point for those wishing to lose 5 -10 pounds?

KS: 5- 10 pounds is the hardest to lose. When you have 50 to lose, it may seem like a lot but it’s easier. The weight comes off much faster than the last five. There are a couple of things like constantly change up your fitness routine. I like to say, “You have to shock it to rock it”. You can’t do the same exercises every day. Your body begins to plateau and you have to keep your body guessing. Mix up the times of the day that you work out. Confuse your body and muscles.

HS: What do you tell the clients who yo-yo in weight?

KS: Small goals lead to big results. It’s a lifestyle. Look at the habits you have. If you lose the 5 pounds, that isn’t the time to reward yourself with food. Yo-yo dieting is an internal thing and you have to look at yourself. Ask yourself if it’s worth it after all the hard work you put in the gym.