Air rage and emergency exits: Two weeks in Chinese aviation

Willie Grace | 12/18/2014, 3:29 p.m. | Updated on 12/18/2014, 3:29 p.m.
On the heels of a "Gimme my cup noodle water! meltdown and two emergency exit incidents, a bizarre fight between ...
A photo in which one woman appears ready to slap another woman -- who herself seems to be floating almost perpendicular to the floor of the aircraft, perhaps readying to deliver an unorthodox blow of her own -- quickly circulated online.

(CNN) -- Deja vu?

Yesterday's news?

Nope, it's just another series of air dramas involving disruptive Chinese air travelers.

It hasn't been the most peaceful fortnight in the aviation industry -- we've seen the aftermath of a Korean Air exec's "nut rage" and R&B singer Jeremih arrested for attempting to force open a closed airplane door after missing the last call for boarding.

In the midst of this unruly behavior have come no fewer than four inflight dramas involving Chinese tourists.

On the heels of a "Gimme my cup noodle water! meltdown and two emergency exit incidents, a bizarre fight between multiple passengers broke out over a dispute involving crying baby.

The poor kid probably just couldn't any sleep with all the fuss going on.

Hot water throw down

The fortnight of infamy was highlighted by the cup noodle throw heard 'round the world -- or at least across Asia.

On December 11, four tourists threw a series of tantrums on an Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing.

The episode began during takeoff when, observing safety rules, cabin staff refused to serve hot water to a couple who wanted to immediately get going on their cup noodle.

The couple retaliated by crushing nuts on the floor.

The man, Wang, was allegedly still fuming when a flight attendant for the budget airline brought him a cup of hot water after the plane reached cruising altitude, then attempted to charge him 60 Thai baht ($2) for the water.

"You think I can't afford it?" Wang demanded, using the word "laozi," a pompous way of referring to one's self as a boss or superior.

A video captured Wang yelling at the attendant.

As the quarrel dragged on, the man's girlfriend, Zhang, threw hot water on the back of the flight attendant.

Thai authorities eventually ordered Zhang to pay 50,000 baht ($1,500) to the flight attendant.

Each passenger involved in the incident was fined amounts between $3 and $6.

The China National Tourism Administration issued a stern statement, saying the incident has "damaged the reputation of the rest of the nation."

Quickest way off a plane? Emergency exit!

Impatient or lacking fresh air or ... something ... Chinese passengers in separate incidents decided to disembark from their aircraft in unexpected fashion.

Upon landing in Sanya on December 8 after a China Eastern flight from Xi'an, a fidgety passenger not content to suffer through the excruciating disembarkation process -- Don't judge! We've all been there! -- went ahead and opened the emergency exit door, engaging the aircraft's inflatable slide.

Xinhua news agency said the reason for the man's action was unknown, but The Nanfang website from southern China reported that the passenger said he simply wanted to depart the plane sooner.

His solution, to borrow loosely from Jane Austen, did display a certain amount of sense, if not sensibility.

Regardless, the shortcut cost the airline $16,000 and a two-hour delay, according to Xinhua.