Coffee Meets Bagel: Quality over Quantity in the 21st Century

Demez White | 1/21/2014, 12:50 p.m.
At this exact moment there are approximately 80 million singles in the US. 80 million people unattached. I can’t tell ...

At this exact moment there are approximately 80 million singles in the US. 80 million people unattached. I can’t tell you how many are looking for love, how many have given up, how many are just single in title but in love. What I do know is out of that 80 million 3% are paying for online dating. This number doesn’t include the Facebook and Instagram and Twitters of the world where online flirting is an everyday thing.

2.4 million people are reaching into their purses or wallets searching for love. There’s one problem with this though? No matter how popular online dating gets it’s still sort of taboo. People just don’t want their friends and co-workers to know that they have to search for a Soulmate online. An attractive woman doesn’t want to have her profile accessible to thousands of strange men.

Coffee Meets Bagel realized there has to be an easier and more professional way to bring people together. Their motto is one that’s pretty simple. Quality is greater than quantity. If you’re paying for a service you shouldn’t be expected to have your face and profile out there for the world to see.

While interviewing one of the three sisters that founded Coffee Meets Bagel, Dawoon, I realized success is a great motivator for helping people find love. These sisters weren’t just single and trying to find a way to get dates, they’re business women that saw an opening and are taking advantage of it.

The layout goes something like this. Strangers aren’t really going to see your profile unless you want them to. You two have to have a mutual friend so that you at least feel safe. So that you aren’t overloaded in messages Coffee Meets Bagel sends you on potential partner once a day. Always at noon. You can either like the “Bagel” or pass on it, either way there’s no awkward moments or pressure.

After all, no one likes to be the bad guy right?

I wouldn’t feel right writing about this dating site if I didn’t go on there and explore it for myself. It’s quite diverse, that’s the first thing I noticed. It’s easy to use and most importantly the reviews from people that used to site seem to be genuine.

They started in April of 2012 in NY and already have 200,000 members nationally and had their first marriage in August of 2013. I’m all for smart dating and taking a chance on love with Coffee Meets Bagel just seems smart! Just ask two of the three sisters who are in thriving relationships with men they met off their dating service.

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