5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Body's Metabolism

9/20/2014, midnight
Some people have cursed metabolisms. Others are blessed with being able to eat an entire box of chocolates and not ...

Some people have cursed metabolisms. Others are blessed with being able to eat an entire box of chocolates and not have it affect their waistlines at all. If you're a member of the first category, welcome to the club -- you're not the only person who's waged war against your bathroom scales and frequently lost. But did you know that there are things you can do that are natural metabolism boosters which will kick start your languid fat burning capabilities?

Lift Weights. People with more muscle tend to have a much higher resting metabolism than those without it. We're not just talking about the act of lifting weights being one of the most effective natural metabolism boosters , either. We're talking about giving your body the tools it needs to burn calories when you're not even moving. Getting on a moderate weightlifting regimen can accomplish this.

Fill Up Your Tank. Water is the natural gas of the human body. Without it, we die in just a few days. But it's not enough to just get what you need to keep you alive. It's critical to stay well hydrated at all times, by drinking between 8 and 10 glasses of water each day. If that sounds excessive, bear in mind that water helps the body process calories -- and that your metabolism slows to a crawl when you're dehydrated.

Increase Metabolism Supplements. Protein supplements are a great way to boost your body's metabolism. But regardless of how you get it into your system, whether by way of supplement or by ramping up your intake of lean beef and fish, protein has been proven to be among the best natural metabolism boosters for its ability to make your body work harder to digest your food. The result? More energy expended and more calories burned.

Drink Black Coffee. This is one metabolism booster that a lot of people are going to get excited over, and for good reason. Coffee has had a love/hate relationship with medical experts for decades and will surely continue to do so, regardless of the fact that it's been shown to bring about a short term increase to your metabolic rate. Needless to say, nothing is good for you when taken in excess... so enjoy your black coffee. But don't overdo it.

Don't Diet. Odds are, even more people will be thrilled to hear this nugget of metabolism boosting advice. Just don't mistake it for carte blanche to eat everything in sight. Maintaining a healthy diet is critical to your health, but starving yourself for the sake of losing weight quickly is destructive. First, you're convincing your body it's starving and it therefore goes about the business of storing up fat cells to help you survive. Second, the majority of the weight loss will come from your muscles -- and as you already know, the fewer the muscles in your body, the slower your metabolic rate.

Some of the most impactful natural metabolism boosters have to do with common sense. The fact is, there's no such thing as a healthy shortcut to being slim. Making adjustments to your lifestyle by getting more exercise and by eating more of the right foods is far healthier than any drastic changes you might try to impose on yourself through starvation and overworking yourself. If you approach your metabolism boosting smartly, you'll be successful. And slimmer!