Exfoliating your way to a younger looking you

9/20/2014, midnight
Shiny, healthy-looking skin does not always have to be accompanied by expensive spa treatments.

Shiny, healthy-looking skin does not always have to be accompanied by expensive spa treatments. An exfoliation routine can be done at home once or twice a week. The best practices for skincare are the ones that work for you, and with a few exfoliating tips, you can learn the secret to inexpensive, at-home treatments.

Without exfoliation, old skin cells will cling to the new ones and give skin a dull, older appearance. Exfoliation also improves blood circulation and provides a healthy glow. The same spa treatments that expensive salons offer can be done at home using natural ingredients.


Honey is unprocessed and is a great antiseptic with its raw, natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. It is known to reduce inflammation, is full of antioxidants and will help skin repair itself.


With its lactic acid, hydration and skin-smoothing benefits, this is one product many spas use to help even out skin tone and exfoliate and hydrate. It also contains alpha-hydroxyl, an ingredient found in many prescription skin treatments.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is soda, and most expensive micro-dermabrasion treatments utilize it for in-office treatments. Use it at home by adding a teaspoon to facial cleanser and have a spa-worthy exfoliation treatment at your fingertips daily.


A natural source of glycolic acid, also used in many skin treatments, sugar will break down the protein holding dead skin cells and give a healthy boost to the new ones. One-half cup mixed with just enough oil to make a paste and you can massage your way to a beautiful, healthy glow.


The enzymes in papaya will dissolve dead skin cells, much like the prescription medication Retin-A, minus the irritation that sometimes occurs. It is also believed that papaya can help fade age spots. Mash the fruit and use it as a mask to help uncover a glowing skin.

Ground Coffee

A secret of many famous salons and day spas include a body scrub of ground coffee, sea salt and massage oil. Scrub your skin with even pressure. Similar spa treatments costs up to $100.