Tone Your Arms Without Weights!

Willie Grace | 4/21/2015, 12:59 p.m.
Maybe you’re not the gym type. Maybe the repetitive movement of pumping iron just doesn’t appeal to you. But you ...
Maybe you’re not the gym type. Maybe the repetitive movement of pumping iron just doesn’t appeal to you. But you still deserve great arms, right? No worries! You can still get your biceps and triceps toned for summer–minus the weights. Here’s how:

The following arm toning exercises focus mainly on biceps and triceps and most are simply movements. Combine any of these toning exercises with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and you’re good to go.

1. Arm Circles

Toning Benefits: Arm circles benefit your triceps, biceps and shoulders.

Standing straight, or sitting in chair without a back, if you need to sit, stretch both arms out to your sides. Also flatten your hands, palms down. Begin by making small circles in a clockwise motion. Keep arms strong and firm. Do as many as you can in one direction, then reverse and go counter clockwise.

You should feel these right away, and your arms will tire. Do between one and three sets a day.

2. Ball Toss

Toning Benefits: Triceps

This exercise can be done with a small cantaloupe (or a sports or medicine ball). Lie on a bench, or on a towel or mat on the floor. Bend knees and put your feet on the floor. Hold the fruit or ball slightly above your chest with both hands. Toss the object in the air as you straighten your arms. Catch the object and repeat.

3. Bicep Curls

Toning Benefits: Biceps

Bicep curls can be performed in either a standing or sitting position. Keep elbows close to the body and move the forearms until your hands come up to your chest. This exercise can be performed by just clenching your fists. Or, hold a soup can in each hand for added weight. Move both of your arms at the same time.

4. Military-Style Push Ups

Toning Benefits: Triceps, deltoids, pecs

The military-style push up is a killer work out. If your reason not to do push ups is that your carpet needs to be vacuumed, you’ll need another excuse, because, you won’t be spending much time on the floor.

In fact, only the palms of you hands and the tips of your toes should be on the floor at all times.

Start with elbows bent, our shoulder blades pushed slightly together, straighten your legs and flex your feet. Raise your body up, paying attention to keeping your abdomen muscles locked in tight. Focus your efforts on using your chest muscles and arms when doing push ups.

Lower down about two inches to the floor without touching it. Do a set of 10 military style push ups.

  1. Tricep Dip

Toning Benefits: Triceps

Sit on the edge of a stable chair or bench. Stretch both legs out in front of you. Move your body until you are no longer on the chair. Raise and lower your body, using your triceps muscles. You will definitely feel this.

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