Meet The Team: Texas Democratic Party

Willie Grace | 4/29/2015, 2:38 p.m.
Oscar, Cody, Larry, Sammy, Pat, Adrianne, and Celestino are running to improve the lives of Texas families. They know that, ...
The Lone Star State

Voters are casting their ballots now, and the two weeks of early vote are critical. Can you donate to these Democratic candidates running for office?

Oscar, Cody, Larry, Sammy, Pat, Adrianne, and Celestino are running to improve the lives of Texas families. They know that, with city hall on the side of everyday Texans, we can have safer streets, quality public services, and great jobs.

Adrienne Bell

Pearland City Council, #4

  • Leader in the Pearland community who is active in local, statewide campaigns
  • Running for city council to reduce traffic, support public transportation, promote public safety, and make sure all residents of Pearland have access to city services. Donate to support Adrienne.

Oscar Del Toro

Pasadena City Council, At-large

  • Small business owner
  • Proud supporter of 'Communities in Schools' program in the Pasadena ISD, which works to decrease the dropout rate in public schools
  • Running to bring transparency and accessibility to Pasadena City Hall, and to involve more young Pasadenans in the political process.Donate $10 today to support Oscar's campaign.

Cody Ray Wheeler

Pasadena City Council, District D

Larry Peacock

Pasadena City Council, District E

  • Running to be an independent voice on Pasadena city council
  • Wants to ensure Pasadena City councils serves all families, and so that tax dollars stay in the local community. Donate to support Larry's campaign.

Sammy Casado

Pasadena City Council, District C

Pat Van Houte

Pasadena City Council, At-large

  • Councilmember Pat Van Houte has served the taxpayers of Pasadena District C with honesty and integrity for three terms
  • Running for an at-large seat to bring the Pasadena City Council "back to basics" by focusing on infrastructure and safe neighborhoods Chip in right now to support Pat's campaign for city council.

Celestino Perez

Pasadena City Council, District B

  • Marine veteran, church deacon and community leader
  • Running for reelection to strengthen the Pasadena community by building and replenishing infrastructure, attracting good-paying jobs, and expand recreational facilities available to local families. Chip in right now to help Celestino.

These are the Democrats we will turn to in the future to run for the Texas Legislature, for Congress, and for statewide office. Investing in their campaigns now is an investment in the future of our state. That’s why it’s so important to show our support today.

Make a commitment to Democratic farm team today with a $10 contribution. Your dollars help their campaigns make more phone calls to voters and knock on more doors:

Have questions about where to vote? Need assistance voting? The Texas Voter Protection hotline is here to help you cast your ballot. Call 1-844-TXVOTES (898-6837) for help today.