Andrea Asharti Szabó, Magical Talent who Changes Lives with Music

Willie Grace | 2/25/2015, 11:14 a.m. | Updated on 2/25/2015, 11:14 a.m.
Every once in a great while a singular talent will come along, a talent so special and unique that it ...
Andrea Asharti Szabó

Every once in a great while a singular talent will come along, a talent so special and unique that it shines brightly, distinguished from all the other mass-produced entertainment and music that the world has become saturated with.

We are lucky to have such a person now sharing her inspirational, intuitive, and creative, never-before songs with music aficionados, and even using her very special talents to produce healing and a sense of well-being in those who are able to experience her music.

Andrea Asharti Szabó is a singer, but she is also much more than that. It feels as if she was God sent, as if she was from another planet blessed with abilities that I personally have not seen in my entire life, nor did anyone else. She is a vocalist who simply seems to channel music spontaneously, delivering spellbinding performances in unison with her accompanist Richárd Látó. Performing with no established repertoire, no set list, not even any songs per se, Andrea simply sings, using her voice and connecting to a larger creative spirit, effortlessly delivering stunning musical performances in vocal tones that are language unto themselves, beautiful rhapsodic melodies accompanied by Látó, each of them in perfect sync with the other, without missing a note or hitting an off-key tone in a form of music so pure, so ethereally beautiful that it simply can’t be compared to anything else. If it sounds like Andrea Asharti Szabó and Richárd Látó perform some kind of completely unique, otherworldly musical experience, that’s because they do.

The inspired musical performances created by Andrea and Richard are the result of not only their unique musical talents, but also years of formal musical training. Andrea had many years of formal training in Budapest, where she grew up, including work with the operatic institute Artisvox Operastudio in Budapest and private singing classes with mezzosoprano Mária Temesi, tenors Róbert Magyar, Bernadett Tunyogi, and took an internal voice course with Imre Enrico Marosfalvy in 2010.

The formal training developed her voice to a state of perfection, but it was when she decided to follow her own creative direction that she really began to find herself as a singer.

“When I was taking the classes I really had no idea about intuitive singing,” Andrea says. “Then somebody told me it was good for people to hear me singing, that it had a very positive effect on them. When I heard that, suddenly something I’ve tried to hide for many years bursted up out of my soul. Something in me was released and I began singing directly from my heart. More and more I would come out with purely intuitive songs, just singing whatever I felt in my heart. Over time, as I continued to sing, the amount of written and intuitive songs became equal at my concerts. And then finally I abandoned the written songs in my repertoire.”

As she noticed the effect that her singing had on people, their amazement and pure bliss that they got out of her music, she knew that this intuitive singing, singing directly from her heart was her life’s calling, a way to express the love and feeling that she had felt deeply in her soul. It was almost as if she was channeling a higher power, a powerful spirit that expressed itself through her voice and her music.