News from the Chris Oliver Campaign

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 7/6/2015, 12:36 p.m.
During our campaign you will likely hear me talk a lot about my experience, my knowledge, and my work having ...
Chris Oliver

Dear Friend,

During our campaign you will likely hear me talk a lot about my experience, my knowledge, and my work having served as Houston Community College Trustee for the past 20 years. Chances are that you will also hear us talk about our vision for this incredible city and how we will work to create an even better Houston for all its citizen.

And while I’m proud of all that I’ve done and all that I hope to do, nothing is more important than the one challenge that I’m most blessed to take on – being a father.

As I spend more and more time on the campaign trail, I find myself constantly reflecting on what my four-year old son Geovanny means to me personally, as well as to this campaign. Personally, Geo means the world to me. As all parents likely feel, I feel that it is my job to protect him, prepare him, and raise him into a man that will create a better future for himself, as well as for his family and community.

My son Geovanny also helps to represent the vision for our campaign. Our slogan – “An Even Better Houston. An Even Better Tomorrow” – is founded on our campaign’s desire to not only create a great city for today, but to create an even greater city for tomorrow, as well. I believe that I am the candidate most qualified to do that and think that together, we can build a city that we are proud of for generations to come.

As a community college trustee for the past twenty years, I have made it my life’s work to expand educational access across the city. I believe that providing a quality education to every student at every corner of this city is vital to its success. As Council Member, I will continue to focus on providing more opportunities for all of Houston’s citizens, no matter their community, neighborhood, or street. Whether it’s providing economic development through robust workforce training, helping fix Houston’s lagging infrastructure, and keeping our homes and neighborhoods safe, I am focused on making this great city even greater!

I hope you’ll join us in our effort to create “An Even Better Houston and An Even Better Tomorrow!

Chris Oliver

Keep the Learning Going

Summer is officially here and school is out! While many children look forward to summer break as a means to fun in the sun, it is very important that we keep their minds active, as well. Putting a pause on a child’s reading, writing, and math skills can cause for major hindrances when they enter the new school year. Learning can be fun outside the classroom setting and, as parents, there are activities we can do with our children to continue learning and practice as a family:

Encourage reading - Read to or with your children and ask questions to ensure the material is understood. Older children should read as well to keep their minds sharp.

Kitchen time - Allow children to assist with preparing meals by measuring ingredients and reading recipes.