What Ryan Reynolds Hopes Fox Learns From Marvel's Cinematic Universe

Willie Grace | 7/14/2015, 8:02 a.m.
Director Tim Miller’s Deadpool promises to not only be a completely different kind of X-Men film, but a completely different ...

Director Tim Miller’s Deadpool promises to not only be a completely different kind of X-Men film, but a completely different comic book movie altogether. The action will be hard-R-rated, the jokes will break the fourth wall, and boundaries will be crossed. But just because the upcoming blockbuster will be unique doesn’t mean that it can’t be a part of a larger picture – and that’s exactly what star Ryan Reynolds would love to see in the near future.

Prior to the big Deadpool panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Reynolds – in addition to T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin, and Brianna Hildebrand – for an interview, and it was during this chat that the lead actor explained his hopes for his character’ s expansion in the X-Men universe. When I asked if he movie felt like it was part of a larger cinematic world being built, he responded,

I’d love to see them make some mention, or even an X-Force film at some point. I think that would be great – and I think they are expanding the universe. That’s the avenue the genre is taking in general. Marvel [Studios] perfected that, but I think Fox has larger plans. It’s a lot of stuff that we’re not really privy to, but yeah they definitely intend to expand it.

The X-Force title is definitely an interesting one for Ryan Reynolds to namedrop – on beyond the fact that it is the mutant team that Deadpool is most associated with in the comics (most notably during the "Uncanny X-Force" run that launched in 2010. The reality is that 20th Century Fox has previously confirmed that an X-Force movie is in development with Jeff Wadlow attached to direct. If things work out, that project could be used by the studio has a perfect follow-up for Deadpool.

It’s likely that we don’t know much about 20th Century Fox’s future Marvel plans because they are waiting to see how successful projects like Deadpool wind up being – but if the movie is a hit, then the sky is surely the limit. If the film is a hit, maybe they could immediately start developing an X-Force film that would finally give us the first live-action version of Cable. There are potentially many great avenues that could be explored.

How would you like to see Deadpool wind up being integrated into the larger X-men universe? Would you be as happy as me to hear him getting bleeped while starring in a PG-13 movie after R-rated escapades? Hit the comments with your thoughts, get excited for Deadpool’s release on February 12, 2016, and stay tuned for even more from my interviews with the cast of the film!

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