Randy Fenoli: The Super Hero of Wedding Dresses

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 7/24/2015, 1:50 p.m.
Everyone is in place. The stage has been set. Music is playing and the guests are waiting in anticipation. Your ...
"Say Yes to the Dress" Star Randy Fenoli

Everyone is in place. The stage has been set. Music is playing and the guests are waiting in anticipation. Your heart is racing as the doors fly open. Every one gasps as you capture the attention of the room. The bride has arrived. On the lips of everyone are two thoughts: 1. What a beautiful bride 2. Look at her dress.

The most photographed article of clothing a woman probably will ever own is her wedding dress. Though a woman is only in it a few hours, selecting this all important dress is an emotional experience. Brides need a hero who is able to ease their dress debacle, be attired in a tailor suit and has the designer know-how to help them with their perfect look. Who better than someone like Randy Fenoli who has experience as a wedding dress designer, hairdresser and makeup artist? He has all the skills to craft any wedding day look and that makes him one of the most sought after celebrity wedding experts around. It’s Randy to the rescue.

It has been a calling for quite some time for fashion expert Randy Fenoli to come to the rescue of women. Sewing his first dress at the age of 9 for his mother, Fenoli was born with the gift to make women beautiful. He has always had a flair for the more formal side of fashion so gravitating to the bridal industry was ideal. Now women worldwide won’t say yes to a dress without his final approval.

Watching Fenoli in action and one would think he has special “spidey sense” to know which dress will be perfect for each bride he works with. His secret is knowing his product. A couple of things that are helpful for Fenoli for a bride to have and know when coming to her bridal dress appointment are her budget, an idea for her wedding look, and photo of her desired dress. All of those factors act as filters in Fenoli’s mind so he can pinpoint the perfect dress since he knows what dresses he has in stock, their style, fit, and price point.

Whatever dress selected Fenoli says to be mindful that the dress isn’t wearing the bride but the bride is wearing the dress. Also watch out that the dress isn’t taking away from the beauty of the bride. “I think that the dress should really be like a frame on a picture and you are the painting and the woman needs to be highlighted,” Fenoli said. “The dress should enhance your beauty not over power it.”

Tulle, satin, lace - which fabric is the best one for a wedding dress? Fenoli suggests that the setting can help with fabric selection. Satin because of its silkiness can work for formal weddings and a playful fabric like tulle is ideal for less formal weddings. Outdoor weddings may be hot and have a breeze so fabrics that are light weight and airy are ideal like lace that is organic or chiffon that allows for beautiful movement. There is no real science to it. “It is the one that looks the best on you,” laughed Fenoli.