It’s Okay To Be A Christian and Support Same Sex Marriage

Demez White | 6/29/2015, 4:46 p.m.
America is founded not on Christian principles but on the concept that every man and woman has to be free ...
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Could you imagine falling in love with someone, building a life with them, buying a home and sitting by their bedside when they are sick? Could you imagine traveling and eating dinner together every night until one night they don’t come home? Until you get a call saying something has happened and they’re in the hospital or dead. Even though you’ve spent the last ten years building a life with them it doesn’t matter because you couldn’t get married. A family member they rarely talk to now decides how long they stay on a breathing machine or whether or not they get cremated. They get whatever assets weren’t in your name.

As a Christian it’s easy to get caught up that marriage is between a man and a woman. I’ve done that myself over the years but we are also Americans and what we have to accept is that everyone isn’t going to share our Christian values and that’s okay. Marriage is not just a covenant between man, woman and God but it’s a contract that protects and binds two consenting adults. It’s why we can get married at a church and it not be legal until we get married in a court house.

America is founded not on Christian principles but on the concept that every man and woman has to be free from religious persecution. I have been outspoken on the fact that the gay and lesbian rights movement does not compare to the African American Civil Rights Movement but that doesn’t mean they don’t share similarities. People used the Bible to justify slavery, they used the Bible to justify black men and women not marrying white men and women. The Bible is a guide used by Christians, some for good and some for evil, but why should non-Christians be bound to that Bible and those laws?

I wish I could sit here with a straight face and say being gay is a choice but I can’t say that. Who am I, who are any of us to tell someone who they can and can’t fall in love with? This Supreme Court ruling represents where we are as American citizens and I have no fears that two consenting adults walking down the aisle will make my small cousins or nephews or sisters want to be gay.

Being accepting of others, trying to understand others is how we will grow as a people and as a nation. I would never ask anyone to disregard their faith but would ask everyone to understand that there has to be a separation between what we believe in as individuals and what we are entitled to as citizens.

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