Don’t Sweat It- JadeGoldFitness Workout

Jade Gold | 11/6/2015, 11:33 a.m.
Need easier ways to workout? Read about some ways to incorporate exercise into your every day life.
Jade Gold, health coach

Need easier ways to workout? Read about some ways to incorporate exercise into your every day life.


It doesn't get much easier or more natural than walking . You can walk outdoors, indoors or on the treadmill. It doesn't really matter where you are as long as you get moving. Research shows that walking may help just about every health ailment you can think of. It reduces heart attack risk, manages weight, controls blood pressure, lengthens the life span and reduces your risk of breast cancer—just to name a few.

Cleaning the House

Doing chores around the house definitely feels like work, but did you realize that it could be considered a workout, too? Talk about multitasking! Light housework such as dusting, taking out the trash, organizing and changing the sheets burns about 170 calories an hour for a 150-pound person. Heavier, more intense chores such as sweeping the floor, washing windows, scrubbing the floors and cleaning out the garage can burn more than 250 calories an hour.

Tai Chi

As mentioned in the study above, Tai Chi is a very gentle, meditative activity that is rooted in martial arts. One 30-minute session of Tai Chi burns about 84 calories for a 150-pound man or woman and can result in both fitness gains and stress reduction. The ancient Chinese form of exercise promotes balance, coordination and stretching—all good things for your health!

Strength Training

On SparkPeople, we often tout the benefits of strength training. After all, lifting weights builds muscles, boosts metabolism and helps you to do everyday activities more easily. But the best part of strength training for those who don't like to sweat is that it can be done quickly. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or a lot or perspiration to get your lift on. In fact, by doing a few push-ups, squats, lunges and triceps dips, you can get a full-body strength workout in less time than it takes you to shower

Squat while brushing your teeth. Practicing squats while doing simple activities — like brushing your teeth, talking on the phone or waiting for commercials to end.

Keep small exercise equipment in your living room. No one wants to turn his or her house into a gym. On the other hand, placing a few small pieces of equipment around your living room, like dumbbells, leg weights, step and rotational discs, can provide some motivation while watching TV.

These are just a few exercises to help you get moving towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. Find out more information online