The Wrong Diet Advice Can Cost You Pounds

Jade Gold | 10/2/2015, 10 a.m.
Do you find yourself standing on the scale every week and frustrated because you still can’t ditch that unwanted weight? ...
Jade Gold, health coach/trainer

Do you find yourself standing on the scale every week and frustrated because you still can’t ditch that unwanted weight? Are you eating like a rabbit and binging on foods with nothing but pounds of regret after? Maybe you need to check your sources and decided if your following outdated advice with unproven sources. Let’s take a look at what’s current in the world of fat loss and remove top 5 diet advice failures.

#1 Counting Calories

While knowing what your calorie intake is can be important, it is estimated that the food industry has about a 75% error rate that is allowed on most published numbers. SAD, but true. Many of the current food apps have been developed but the information is only as good as the last users information. When you’re trying to loose weight, diet quality matters more than calorie counting. Eliminating all boxed foods, foods in a can and focusing on protein rich foods is a much better option. Eating “whole” farm fresh produce is another winning factor.

#2 Skipping Meals

No matter what you may think about “eating less” + “less calories“ =”loose more”, is a failing formula. You have heard this a million times but eating smaller frequent meals speeds up your metabolism, decreased insulin drops that cause sugar cravings, and helps control over all appetite. In most cases people tend to over eat at one meal and because they have a full feeling, never eat the rest of the day. You’re constantly in the battle of will power over what you need vs. want your body wants. Start with 3 simple whole meals per day pre planned and over a period of 30 days increase gradually to 3 meals and two snacks. The key factor here is to PLAN your meals and prepare them in advance to avoid, fast food stops, skipping meals and under or over eating.

#3 Always Eating The Same Food

There is nothing complicated about understanding boring food. Eating the same thing day in and day out is as mentally challenging as it is physically unsatisfying. While people who are body builders tend to preserver through this kind of eating for competitions prep, the average man or woman trying to loose weight is asking for diet failure on this type of meal plan. Branch out of this trying to look for new cooking blogs, healthy cookbooks, 5-minute meal planners, meal prep services (If you just hate to cook all together) or even taking a healthy cooking class. The more variety you add to your pallet and diet, the more enjoyable each eating experience is and more likely you stick with a meal plan you can love.

#4 Following Social Media

While social media provides a wealth of information and in today’s society is the breeding ground of “the perfect body” it can also lead to depression, unhealthy image expectations, tons of erroneous information and let’s not forget all the marketing for the “Magic Bullet” quick fix products. No pun intended, but take everything in with a grain of salt. The best thing you can do is being to educate yourself with reputable PROVEN sources of information. Educate yourself on food, trainers, food options, diets, workouts, metabolism, weight loss and even realistic time goals and outcomes. While the information highway is a great resource and often a great tool in the diet game, just be sure the information ultimately is right for you and your fitness goals.

#5 The “Death” Workout

Your know the workout that includes, hours and hours of cardio, sweating in hot plastic suits, hours of lifting weights until injury, starving with no fuel in your body hoping to burn the pounds away. STOP!! You can’t outwork a bad diet and you can’t beat time and consistency with magic bullet quick fix! Weight loss is 80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise and the facts never change. Walking 35 miles to burn 3,500 calories to loose 1 pound just isn’t a good return of investment for subpar results. Keep active daily at the right intensity, consistently with the right clean diet and you will not only see weekly progress, but finally will see the pounds melt away. Whatever it takes, go to sleep earlier, eat more whole foods, get from in front of the TV and stop buying into the quick fixes you will no longer need to kill yourself in the gym only to be defeated with minimal results.

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