Daniella Rodriguez is Third Latina in a Row to Win Miss Texas USA Crown

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 10/15/2015, 7:54 p.m.
Things that sparkle naturally attract the attention of little girls. One can almost see the shimmers of light dance in ...
Miss Texas USA 2016 Daniella Rodriguez

Things that sparkle naturally attract the attention of little girls. One can almost see the shimmers of light dance in the black pools of their eyes. It’s no wonder that so many little girls grow up wanting to wear a crown on their head. One of the most coveted crowns to wear in the state of Texas is that of Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA. Being the girl that gets to wear one of them is lucky but being the girl that gets to wear both is very rare.

At 16 years old Daniella Rodriguez heard something that most Texas girls can only image, her name being called as Miss Texas Teen USA. What an incredible feeling she thought! Little did she know that three years later she would hear it be called again but this time as Miss Texas USA. And what is even more significant about Daniella’s win is that she is the first former Miss Texas Teen USA to go to win Miss Texas USA on her first attempt. In addition, Danielle is the third Latina in a row to win Miss Texas USA.

Having been Miss Texas USA for a little over a month and Daniella is still in awe of winning. It freaks her out. She is adjusting to her busy schedule that now includes balancing her life as a student at Texas A&M International University, working at her family-owned business, spending time with family and friends, and, of course, the duties of her new job as Miss Texas USA.

The 19-year-old Daniella loves spending time with her family and friends. She sings and acts and has a passion for helping children with Down syndrome and that are autistic. She collects jewelry, rides four-wheelers, and jet skies. People might be the most surprised at how much she can eat. “I can eat as much as my dad or a man,” she laughed.

The Laredo native follows a long line of girls from the city to hold a state title. One might think going into the Miss Texas USA Pageant that Daniella was a shoe-in right? Not necessarily true. Texas girls are some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and capable women ever so to be in a room with the top women of the state one really has to stand out. Daniella says, “You really have to be comfortable in your own skin.” Comparing her preparation for the teen vs. the miss pageant was so very different for Daniella. “You have fun at miss but at teen it is always more bubbly and cute and having fun with everything. And with miss it is more responsibility. You have to be able to balance yourself right.”

Daniella’s prize package for winning Miss Texas USA is full of everything from a photo shoot to teeth whitening to a scholarship and wardrobe. The great thing about pageants is that the titleholder is not the only who wins. Every girl who competes wins something in a pageant. Some girls win by learning to be confident. Others win because they discover both their internal and outer beauty. Girls gain a support group of friends and learn that they are not alone with some of the things they face in this world.

Daniella credits pageants with teaching her how to communicate. Laughing she said, “I would have honestly not been able to carry this conversation years ago. Joining pageants has definitely given me the ability to talk to people and carry a conversation much better than back then.” Skills that will help Daniella long after she hangs up her pageant shoes in her professional life as a future counselor or better yet with her dream job of being an Oscar-winning actress.

Follow Daniella’s journey as she crisscrosses the state making appearances, championing a variety of causes and inspiring the next generation. Be sure to send her some Texas love next spring as she goes on to the national stage to compete for Miss USA 2016!

For more information, visit www.misstexasusa.com.