Fright Night Favorites

Family Features | 10/15/2015, 10:53 a.m.
Looking to add a little spooky flavor to your haunted celebration that is sure to keep all your little ghouls, ...
Bubbling Witches Brew

Looking to add a little spooky flavor to your haunted celebration that is sure to keep all your little ghouls, ghosts and goblins in a festive mood? Look no further for the perfect ideas to dress up those Halloween treats.

Take your All Hallows’ Eve to the next level with these Halloween concoctions sure to delight.

How to Host the Perfect Spooky Gathering

Halloween is the perfect time to throw on a costume and act like a kid. Of course, you want friends and family there to partake in the spooky fun, too, so here are a few tips to make sure your party is remembered long after the witches put away their cauldrons:

• Set a festive mood: Creepy Halloween decor, such as spider webs and Jack-O-Lanterns, can be placed around the house and yard to help get guests into the holiday spirit. Halloween-themed music, such as “Monster Mash” and movies, such as “Dracula” and “Frankenstein,” can help offset any down time, as can sharing scary stories.

• Play some ghoulish games: Bobbing for apples is a Halloween tradition you can’t leave out. Halloween bingo or a pin the tail on the donkey-type game, such as pin the nose on the skull, can also add to the fun. Or try a treasure hunt for a ghost ship’s loot by scattering clues around the house that lead to ghastly goodies.

• Vampires, ghosts and zombies, oh my: Add a costume contest to the mix and hand out prizes to some of the best. Try breaking the contest into a few categories or by age, and awarding prizes, such as most creative, judge’s choice and crowd favorite.

Bringing Frankenstein to Life

You can’t have a mad scientist Halloween party without Frankenstein. This easy buttercream cake makes a big statement, a fantastic centerpiece for your sweets table and will make others green with envy over your decorating skills. For more Halloween party ideas and inspiration, visit

Frankenstein Cake

Frankenstein Cake

Frankenstein Cake

Serves: 12

6 cups favorite cake recipe or mix

4 cups Wilton White Ready- To-Use Decorator Icing (4.5-pound tub)

Wilton Color Right Performance Color System

Wilton Black Icing Pouch with Tips

Wilton Large Candy Eyeballs


Wilton 6-by-3-inch Round Pan

Wilton 10-by-16-inch Cooling Grid

Cake plate

Wilton Cake Leveler

Wilton 13-inch Angled Spatula

Wilton 12-inch Disposable Decorating Bags

Prepare cake according to box instructions and make two layers using 6-inch round pans. Bake and cool on cooling grid.

Prepare Spring Green icing using this color tint formula from the Color Right Performance Color System: 4 cups icing + 30 Y + 6 B. Stack layers on cake plate for a two-layer cake, using leveler as needed. Ice cake sides smooth with green icing.

Use black pouch icing without tip to cover top of cake. Use tip of spatula to create spiral effect. Use black pouch icing with star tip to pipe pull-out bangs around top edge and two hair strands on cake top.

Prepare a disposable decorating bag with green icing; cut a hole in point of bag the size of tip 3. Attach candy eyeballs with dots of green icing. Pipe green eyelids.