Scary Facts About Food With Real Tricks and No Treat for Your Health

Jade Gold | 10/30/2015, 12:33 p.m.
You know all those fluorescent orange chips and fruit shaped candy you stuff down your gullet aren't good for you. ...
Jade Gold, health coach/trainer

You know all those fluorescent orange chips and fruit shaped candy you stuff down your gullet aren't good for you. But what's mind-blowing is just how diabolical the people who sell you junk food are when it comes to getting you hooked. Here are some facts I dug up that'll make you want to eat carrots for the rest of your life.

Yogurt vs. Coke

Did you know that on average, most yogurts has 20-42 grams of sugar in it including the Greek yogurts that are supposed to be so healthy for you? Do you know that you may be getting less sugar in a can of coke than you do in this typical health yogurt?

Subway Sandwich

While many people still use the excuse they are making “healthier choices” when choosing fast food options, you have to know what the FDA allows when it comes to posting “honest” calorie counts. Subway wanted you to believe that you too could loose 10-15lbs a month eating their sub sandwiches, but the problem is, their calories are not taking into account the various bread options they have such as the whole wheat, white, asiago cheese or Italian breads, nor do any of the value include any condiments, veggies, cheese, oil & vinegars or seasonings. By the time you roll through the end of the line, you could have made a 300-calorie sandwich or salad a scary 800-1500 calories or more in one sitting.

Applebee’s Salad vs. McDonald’s

Of course you are going out to eat with friends and family but you are going to eat “clean” and order the salad on the menu right? STOP! Applebee’s chicken salad is 1,330 calories, 93 grams of fat and freighting 1,470 milligrams of sodium! Did you know that you would be better in this case eating a BIG MAC? The Big Mac at McDonald’s is 1,300 calories, 58 grams of fat and only has 1,224 grams of sodium. By no means would I ever eat either one but you can certainly see there is no treat in this salad option.

Sugar “CAINE”

Major food manufactures spend millions of dollars a year to test and find sugar additives that have the same effect on our brains as cocaine. The reason you just can’t eat one is they are creating the equivalent of “legal” sugar high’s and addictions in many of foods you eat today and over 85% of the sugar content is not found in sweet or desert base foods.

Fat Free & Low Sugar

If there was ever a time that the media is doing it’s very best to deceive the American public it is in the selling of FAT FREE, LOW SUGAR food products. Grocery chains have now dedicated rows and rows of the foods and more often than not they are on the isle that many would call the “Health Food” section. You have to become educated in reading food labels. Stop looking at all the pretty pictures and do your best to decipher the grave yard codes on the labels listed on all the so-called nutritional values of foods. Anything that has aspartame, saccharine or sugar alcohols in it is going to make you gain weight! So while you are filling your pantry with all these weight loss drinks, bars or 100 calorie snacks making yourself feel better, the truth is, you are eating items that actually are making you gain weight and making you crave sugar all the more.

There is never going to be a time where you can completely trust eating out, reading labels or choosing fat free options to better your health. There will always be land minds waiting to trap you and your health that will ultimate decrease your life span and cause a great increase to risk of health complications. However, what you can do is be better educated about food and their ingredients. You can choose to shop and purchase more “whole” foods, cook at home more often, preplan your eating for your family and stop purchasing so many boxed and frozen meals. Remember, the longer it can sit on a shelf and wait for you to purchase, the longer it takes for your body to digest all the chemicals and additives they have to add to make food last on shelves longer. Don’t fall into the graveyard of ignorant bliss. It’s time to treat your body like you love it and leave the tricks alone.

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