Becoming a Conscious Eater

Jade Gold | 9/10/2015, 10:45 p.m.
Listen, we’ve all been there. We’ve overindulged and lived to regret it. One too many glasses of wine and you ...
Jade Gold, health coach

Listen, we’ve all been there. We’ve overindulged and lived to regret it. One too many glasses of wine and you feel like absolute garbage the next day. A sliver of chocolate cake that turns into 3 slices and everyone’s favorite cheat meal turns into a long “I just don’t care month!”

I feel you. And I also know how frustrating it can be to feel like you aren’t in control of your cravings or how much you indulge. I know what it feels like to finally get on track with your nutrition, and then feel like a failure when it all goes to pieces in the blink of an eye. I work regularly with clients looking for moderation and balance–who want to put an end to the yo-yo cycle of binge, berate, restrict, and repeat.

Think about what we are up against here in Texas? Everything is BIGGER, BETTER, more flavor and who wants to hear the words, diet, restricted, low calorie, no carbs or fat/ sugar free? We want to sip and taste and never feel deprived because life is about living to the fullest and what better way to self indulge than to eat things that make us feel good! We want to indulge without the requisite guilt that comes along with it. After all, if food is meant to be pleasurable, why should we feel so bad about it?

As a trainer and health coach I often find myself in discussions with clients that center around their thinking. Many things they are unable to stick with any given program or overcoming poor eating habits because they just don’t have the right motivation or discipline. While that is partial true, the bigger question becomes what will cause us to change is our MINDSET. Mindset can seem like a vague concept or intangible term but it’s actually pretty simple: Your mindset is your Truth.

It’s your perspective, the way you view your environment, and how you choose to perceive your world and your boundaries. Your mindset guides how you think about food and fitness, and your mindset ultimately determines lasting success.

While there are some clear cut industry foods that certainly cause overeating and insurmountable cravings the list isn’t that long considering the many choices we have on a daily basis? Here’s just a few.



*Ice Cream


*Packaged snacks and cookies

Yes, there is an actual scientific reason you just can’t eat one and the food industry is banking on your success for not caring why.

On the other hand, if what you need are some simple strategies to help you take control of possible over eating, I can certainly help make it simple but it requires you to be conscious about your food and your food choices. Are you ready?

  1. Each time you ask yourself, do I need this food to support my well-being or do I just want it?

  2. Will I feel guilty after I eat it and will it help me meet my health and fitness goals?

  3. If I eat this food, will it some how make my experience in someway better and if I don’t eat it what will I benefit?

While this may seem like a silly task each and every time you eat, there is a method to the madness and it involves what I call “Conscious Eating” and it works very well with my clients taking ownership and responsibility in how they see, eat and process food behaviors. You are in control of everything you choose to place in your body and the first step to discovery is uncovering your truth and your balance. For more information on Health Coaching with JadeGoldFitness, contact Jade Gold at or visit