Love and Its Many Defining Ways To Turn Us Upside Down

Demez White | 2/12/2016, 7:29 a.m.
What is love? Although Webster’s Dictionary has managed to give it a definition, love is not all that cut and ...

What is love? Although Webster’s Dictionary has managed to give it a definition, love is not all that cut and dry because there are so many different types. Love is not always butterfly kisses, roses and sunshine. Love can dark filled with rages and tears. Love can be singular when you value and respect yourself to point that you are in love with yourself. Love, at least to me, is best when it is plural. It’s nice when you love someone who has cared for you since birth pouring every once of their being in you for your success. Its needed when it finds itself in the person who becomes your secret keeper, you’re ready for every situation point of contact, your ride or die. It’s amazing when it is sacrificed, more than you knew, sleepless and wrapped in a tiny bundle. Its simply indescribable when it is finds its way to the person that there are no boundaries for, that makes you be your best self, that defines what love really, that becomes your soul mate.

Though love has these various complex yet simple meaning it seems on Valentine’s Day that one type of love is honored; that between two kindred spirits. And since I tend to be a romantic, that type of love is the one I am most fond of for my belief in it.

I believe in love because I believe in men and women. I believe that most of us are good people at our core; we just want to be happy and to have someone hold us down. Someone to care if we don’t come home at the usual time or if they go a day without talking to us.

I believe in love because I know the feeling of wanting more than anything just to hear a voice or to touch a hand or a lip or a fingertip. I know what it’s like to want to see someone so bad that you’ll leave work early just for twenty minutes of small talk and a hug goodbye.

To me love is so perfect and so worth writing about and if I need something to believe in, why not love?

A broken heart only has the weight it has because before it was broken. It was filled with love and hope and passion! Love isn’t all roses and chocolates and John Legend on repeat, love is bigger than that, it’s a mindset, a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

It is this type of love that made me fall in love with words and compiling them in a way to evoke love, feel love, and know love. And it sparked me to love to write.

Do you all want to know why I believe in my writing? Why I believe in the words I write? It’s because I believe in love. I have no fear of expressing my thoughts because we only get one life and one voice and if I can use mine championing passion and romance and love then I’ve lived one hell of a life.