Rusted Rhinestones: Searing Memoir, by Former 2014 Cast Member of National Reality Show, Exposes Brutal Abuse's of the LGBTQI Communities.

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 1/5/2016, 1:13 p.m.
Poignantly written by James Swift (aka Ms. Fifi Frost), "Rusted Rhinestones" takes readers deep into the life of the author; ...
Fifi Frost

Poignantly written by James Swift (aka Ms. Fifi Frost), "Rusted Rhinestones" takes readers deep into the life of the author; born into a Right Wing Cult, shipped off to Anti Gay Conversion Therapy at the age of fifteen, thrown out onto the streets and treated like garbage just because he was gay. It's a shocking expose of the real history and treatment the LGBTQI communities experience through the years and on a daily basis - universal truths the media cover up. But Swift has risen from the ashes and now wants to share his story with the world, in the hope of being able to open up the nations first live in and teaching shelter for any age LGBTQI youth.

Monroe, Louisiana - When James Swift (aka Ms. Fifi Frost) looks back on his life, it plays out like a sick and twisted movie. From growing up in North East Louisiana, Swift knew he was gay. But there was just one problem - his family's membership in the World Wide Church of God cult meant being gay would make his life a literal living hell.

In "Rusted Rhinestones", Swift divulges all with raw and uninhibited honesty.

It begins when Swift was just a young boy. Not a masculine child, Swift's parents were told that he was possessed by a gay demon, which at the age of fifteen, saw him being bundled into a van and sent off to a secret location for Anti Gay Conversion Therapy.

"I am now forty-nine and just this year found the location I was sent to, against my will, "explains Swift. "Here I was beaten, starved, fed dog food, raped and even had my finger and toenails ripped out. After 17 weeks I was sent home, they told my parents the demon was too strong and from there I was thrown out onto the streets, turning to crime in order to try and make ends meet.

Decades of hardships ensued for Swift, with the only solace coming after making an agreement with his father to allow his autistic to move in with so that Swift could take over his official care duties. As the brothers share their life, it seemed the hate would not go away. Swift survived several brutal hate crimes, as well as government and institutional discrimination.

Swift says, "Life has been quite a rollercoaster since then. I attended beauty school, found what I can finally define as some sort of happiness and was even selected to star in a national televised reality show, where I was able to tell part of my life's story. After leaving the show I found I had amassed a large online following, my now Online Family. I am now committed to using this platform to affect great change within the entire LGBTQI communities.

In fact, Swift has plans for a nationwide first.

"I plan to use my books as a vehicle to raise awareness and eventually open up the nation's first shelter for LGBTQI youth who have been left behind by the system and know they have nowhere else to go. While HUGE liberal strides are being made, the LGTBQI community still has to duffer daily with the draconian laws passed against against us, religious hate and never-ending stream of discrimination. As an example, when my partner of two decades was killed in Iraq, his family was allowed to successfully sue me for half of our savings and possessions, even though they they'd never made the effort to even see us or communicate with us the entire time we were together. "Today's LGBTQI young are going to find many issues blighting their lives, so the least I can do is offer them somewhere safe and healthy to live, where they will earn their GED, and by partnering with local and national businesses and volunteers, learn skills to allow them to legally support themselves." He adds.