Get Summertime Fine with the Queen of Abs

Bell | 1/15/2016, 12:34 p.m.
It's here! 2016 is finally here! Of course along with the New Year (no s on year) comes the "New ...
Santia "Queen of Abs" Marie Deck

It's here! 2016 is finally here! Of course along with the New Year (no s on year) comes the "New Year New Me" status updates & tweets! But why not a new year new you?! Especially when it comes to fitness! Health is always important and as long as you are breathing, you always have time to get into shape! "Summer bodies are made in the winter", you hear, "don't you want to be summertime fine?" Well maybe this is your 5th winter trying to get summertime fine only to find yourself back in another winter. So why do it alone? Why not get a personal trainer? Too much money you say? Well not this winter! TeamStyleMag caught up with celebrity personal trainer & athlete Santia Marie "Queen of Abs." Deck to get the scoop on how to ditch the holiday & pre holiday weight without breaking the bank.

Who is Queen of Abs?

Santia Marie Deck was born in Greenville, SC and raised in Houston, TX. She ran track for over 13 years, including a successful college track career at Texas A&M in Kingsville where she took the title of #3 in conference in the 55 meter dash. When she was only 2 years old a doctor told her mother that Santia had the body of a runner, and made her promise to put Santia in track when she was old enough. At seven, she started running track over the summer and she has not looked back since.

Now, Santia is a certified personal trainer through AAAI. In the future, her dream is to open her own gym. Serving as a fitness model for a handful of brands, she has built a large & engaged social media following. Santia shares fitness and nutrition tips as well as messages of inspiration with her fans.

What's the scoop?

When we spoke to Santia exclusively, she told us that what sets her apart from other personal trainers is that she is still an athlete. Have you ever been on a journey with someone who wasn't traveling with you? Exactly. She is still on a journey of staying athletically fit. She too has to go thru the rigorous nutritional diet and workouts. She too will sweat right along with you. "I love what I do, I love helping people, I just want to see people fit and happy," said Santia. "I don't put people on diets, constancy and a lifestyle change is what's going to bring you the results you need." The key word she kept mentioning was consistency. Just keep going. It may be hard, it may get tough, but you can do it, she advised.

Unfortunately for Houstonians, Queen of Abs is located physically in Atlanta, but all is not lost because Santia is answering increased demand with the 2nd season of her hot TV program, “The Queen of Abs Fitness Show”. A cross between a talk show and fitness how-to, this show educates, motivates and elevates viewers at all stages of their fitness journey. The second season will begin airing on Launch TV Network and Movee4U, while the successful first season will be introduced to wider viewing audiences through DISH Network and Verizon FIOS. It's literally fitness on demand.

So you literally have no excuse for it not to be a new year new you!

In addition to her fitness endeavors, Santia is also a published author. Her book titled: "The Struggle" sheds hopeful light on the secret world of child abuse, which she was introduced to when a close friend confided in her.

Santia has a passion for spreading confidence and courage. Whether training clients, speaking to children about fitness or encouraging women to love their bodies, she is inspiring & dedicated.

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