Spring Street Studios to Get a “Splash” with Installation of 70 Foot by 10 Foot Mural “Wrap” on the Exterior of the Building

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 1/29/2016, 5:03 p.m.
The exterior of Spring Street Studios, a renovated warehouse that has become a center for creative practice in Houston, will ...

WHAT: The exterior of Spring Street Studios, a renovated warehouse that has become a center for creative practice in Houston, will be transformed on Tuesday, February 2, by Splash, a huge 70 foot by 10 foot mural. The brainchild of local artists Troy Stanley and Aaron Muñoz, the mural will reflect the creativity taking place within the warehouse.

Utilizing the feel of an ink splotch and drip, much like what is found on a studio floor, they will activate the building to bring a greater sense of depth to the surface. Clouds, gears, electronic boards, lace patterns, and deep space images will all seamlessly flow and undulate from one pattern to the next. The work will reveal the inner workings of the building while becoming a part of the abstract landscape of its urban surroundings.

The mural’s graphics are printed in sections on aluminum-based building wrap material with adhesive backing. This unique project and installation requires much more detailed planning than a traditional wrap placed on a building façade due to the intricacies of the work.

This Houston Arts Alliance project is made possible through the generosity of The Brown Foundation.

WHERE: Spring Street Studios, 1824 Spring Street

WHEN: 1 - 2 p.m., Tuesday, February 2


Troy Stanley is a sculpture and mixed media artist currently living and working in Houston. Upon receiving his degree in sculpture from the University of Houston in 2005, Troy began his professional career with a solo exhibition at Lawndale Art Center in Houston. In 2007, he attended the prestigious residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, and shortly after attended the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center Residency in Nebraska. He is the recipient of a Houston Arts Alliance Emerging Artist Grant and has been on the Short List for the international residency at Art PACE in San Antonio.

"My work typically explores the relationships in and around what is perceived as life, and what is perceived as objects. Working in constructivist and constructivism canon, I attempt to shift materials and objects towards a perceivable life-like essence. Vice-versa I reduce living things to that of a mere object or function. Through this I hope to create a situation that would influence the viewer to redefine their own mental constructs of their environment."

Aaron Muñoz was born in 1982 in Central Texas. He received his BFA from Texas State University in 2006. At that time his area of concentration was photography. During which in had a very strong interest in alternative photo process. He received his MFA at the University of Texas in San Antonio in 2010, where he turned his concentration to Painting/Screen printing. He has been in group shows, two-person shows, and solo exhibitions. Aaron has exhibited in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, just to name a few cities in Texas. He has also shown internationally in Wels, Austria.


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