Chef Marcus Samuelsson Brings the Hustle of Food to Houston

Yolanda Pope | 11/18/2016, 8:58 a.m.
Food has always surrounded the life of Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Since he could put one foot in front of the ...

It was an honor to hang on the words of Chef Samuelsson and even bigger honor to enjoy his food. Knowing Chef Samuelsson was in the house the lobby of Pass and Provisions was pretty packed. My party and I found a way to ease that vibe with a few libations from the bar that served two signature cocktails “The Brown Stoner,” which consisted on Cherry Heering, St. Germain, and Nutmeg Bourbon, and the “Hopston on Sunshine”, which was made with Tequila, grapefruit, and 8th Wonder Hopston. I opted for the second of the two aforementioned libations and it was the perfect warm-up for the food that would soon grace our plates. The tequila played well with the grapefruit, the citrus flavor was light and rather refreshing.

I started my culinary journey at Pass and Provisions with the P& P Kolaches, which were presented as a variety on the table of plain, sausage, and fig preserves. The first appetizer to arrive was the “Double Dragon Rice,” which contained lightly fried rice, sautéed shrimp, and garnished with fresh cilantro. The rice had a nice crunch, almost crispy texture to each bite, and was packed with flavor. The shrimp appeared to be bright pink and according to the census of my table they were cooked perfectly.

Shortly thereafter, the “Chicken and Waffles” made it to our plates. The chicken was fried, crispy, golden brown to perfection, with a few chicken livers, that added just a little contrast in texture to each bite. These waffle was slightly sweet but did not overpower the savory morsels of the fowl. I have had a lot of chicken and waffles and this was unlike any I have had. Definitely, a plus in my book!

Finally, after polishing off the main course, we were greeted with the “Rooster Donut,” which was filled with sweet potato cream. In my view, the donut didn’t need the cream; the texture of the bread was akin to a croissant on the outside, while the inside was rather soft. This treat paired so well with a robust cup of the house coffee, which in my opinion made the meal a complete success. It was obvious that Chef Samuelsson taught his students well.

Chef Samuelsson was a gracious host and I was thrilled to learn so much about food and the hustle. I can’t wait to dive more into his story with his cookbook, “The Red Rooster Cookbook, The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem.”

Learn more about the amazing Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who is merging food with music and art to give foodies an unforgettable experience. Visit his website: for more information on him and how to order the cookbook. Taste the work of his protégées at Pass and Provisions by visiting their digital space at

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