Morris Chestnut & Regina Hall: On Staying Power & When The Bough Breaks

Cecilia Smith | 9/2/2016, 6 a.m.
Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut give us the inside scoop on opportunities in Hollywood as well as their upcoming film, ...
Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut in the psychological thriller, 'When The Bough Breaks' Screen Gems

Combine their acting experience and you’ve got over 45 (!) years in Hollywood, an incredible feat in an industry known to both elevate and consume its actors. But when it comes to the gifted Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut, it’s been a road that has endeared them to an entire generation.

After turning heads with her standout role in the Wayans’ brothers Scary Movie franchise, Hall would go on to star in Malibu’s Most Wanted, Paid In Full and both installments of Think Like A Man alongside Kevin Hart. Then there’s Chestnut; renowned for his role as Ricky Baker in Boyz n the Hood, he’s gone on to craft an impressive string of hits and is currently gearing up for the second season of the NAACP-nominated series Rosewood.

Now the duo is teaming up for When the Bough Breaks, a psychological thriller that centers on the John and Laura Taylor (Chestnut and Hall) as they strive to have a child. After running out of options, they decide to use a surrogate (Dallas native Jaz Sinclair) but get more than they bargained for once she becomes obsessed with John.

We weren’t able to pry out any major spoilers, but they took some time to speak to the press, giving their thoughts on Hollywood, the film and more. Be sure to support When the Bough Breaks when it lands in theaters September 9, 2016.

On opportunities in Hollywood:

Chestnut: I think just being able to be working, it’s a definitely a blessing. Hollywood in general, the opportunities are increasing, but we could be doing much better

On how her character was duped by their surrogate in the film:

Hall: I think in her desire for a child, that sixth sense doesn’t kick in because once someone is implanted by your embryo, your desire for what you want clouds that. Human beings are complex, sometimes life goes in directions that no one expects.

Experiences during the filming process:

Hall: I play a chef in the film and the backdrop of the city [New Orleans] is huge. Their cuisine, their way of cooking. It’s incredible.

Chestnut: It takes a toll on you. As an actor, for this type of film having to be in that space day in and day out, it’s really draining.

On longevity and selecting roles:

Chestnut: I like to start with a script. It’s all about execution. In terms of longevity, you have to be courteous and respectful of people that you work with. You don’t want any friction or conflict. [On the set of Boyz n the Hood] I was always asking Cuba Gooding questions. I’m sure he got tired of me, but I was soaking it all in.

Hall: It’s about looking and picking the right parts. Always trying to continue picking great roles and making sure that you’re always doing your best.