Super Bowl LI Recap: And Then There Was One

Brian Barefield | 2/10/2017, 8:30 a.m.
As football fans gathered at Super Bowl parties all across America, they had no clue that they were about to ...

One thing that defines a champion is that they never surrender or give up. NEVER. Tom Brady must have this phrase tattooed somewhere on his body. Down 25 points and counting, he started to show why he is a 4 time SB champion. A touchdown here (5 yard pass to RB James White) 28-9, a field goal there, 28-12, and just like that you could feel the momentum starting to shift. Finally, the Patriots we know have arrived in Houston. I guess NE defense wanted some of the action as well as they forced a fumble in the fourth quarter to put the ball back in Brady’s hands. Mr. Reliable himself then threw a 6-yard TD pass and the offense converted a 2-point conversion. Just like that the Patriots are back in the game. 28-20. By this time you could hear crickets from Atlanta to Houston. Both fans alike couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Could New England really make history by coming back? Would Atlanta choke away this game? Everyone wanted answers to these questions and wanted them fast. When the Falcons got the ball back they pretty much answered the second question loud and clear. YES. Up by 8 points and in the red zone. Atlanta needed to do the one thing they have done with ease the entire year and that was score and they failed to get that done. On three consecutive plays, the Falcons shot themselves in the foot with a sack, a holding penalty, and an over thrown pass. What looked like it would be a simple FG attempt ended up turning into a punt to the 9 yard line. Now the average football fan is thinking that with a little over two minutes left to play in the game and 91 yards needed to score that the game is pretty much over. Wait. Throw in the fact that if you do score you also need another 2-point conversion to tie it. Yep, this game is pretty much over and thank goodness the writers still had that story from the second quarter about the Patriots being blown out still saved to the hard drive. Hold on one second. I said average football fan right? Not Patriots football fans where they praise Tom Brady for being everything that is right in the National Football League. They marched right down the field on Atlanta and were aided by a miraculous catch from WR Julian Edelman to keep the drive alive. They eventually scored and tied the game with another 2-point conversion. 28 -28. Mr. Brady let the world know that he was coming for the trophy and it wasn’t anything anyone could do about it. Especially the Falcons. Matt Ryan got the ball back with 57 seconds left, but with no timeouts the drive stalled and the game was headed into overtime (1st time ever). All New England needed was one more opportunity to have the ball and they got that opportunity by winning the coin toss. By that time you could hear a distinct voice in the back of my head saying, “Game over. Brady is not giving this ball back to them.” And true enough, a James White TD sealed the deal. 28 -34. By that time reality finally hit me on what the world had witnessed. History was just made by one of the best teams to ever do it, The New England Patriots. Down by the largest deficit in Super Bowl history and they never got rattled. They just kept doing it the “Patriot Way.”