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Where are they now?

Dr. Lovell Jones | 7/12/2017, noon
It is often said that the spirit of an individual lives as long as they live in the memories of ...
A picture from the 1993 LaSalle D. Leffall Awards Banquet at the 4th Biennial Symposium on Minorities, the Medically Underserved & Cancer.

In closing, let me include a recent email I received from a 15th Annual Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop attendee.

“I hope all is well. The words “thank you” do not come close to encompassing how grateful I am to you for the opportunity to attend the 2017 HDEART-C Workshop. The information, connections, and encouragement were all invaluable. I have been struggling with finding my path as a health equity scholar since I received my undergraduate degree, and my confidence in myself has been holding me back from pursuing opportunities. Attending this workshop and meeting so many like-minded passionate scholars of color from so many backgrounds has inspired me beyond measure.

I mentioned the wealth of information I received during my time in Houston to my Commissioner today, and he invited me to give a presentation to our department leadership. I look forward to sharing some of what I learned and hope it will inspire others as well. I was also able to connect with a student at the conference who attends school in South Carolina but lives in Lexington. We plan to meet for dinner this week.

Although saying “thank you” is not enough, I extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude for this wonderful opportunity. I hope I am able to attend many more workshops!

This is among many emails/notes/letters we have received over the years. As I said in opening the 1st Annual Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop and in closing the 15th, for many of you the workshop will be life altering event.