Chauncy Glover Breathes New Life Into Young Men

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/22/2018, 4:46 a.m.
Grasping for breath while you are dying inside is hard to experience and watch. The action of inhaling and exhaling ...

From Detroit to Houston, the Chauncy Glover Project or CGP is an extensive, hands- on mentoring program, created to groom inner city teenage boys into upstanding and accomplished gentlemen according to the organization’s website. Participants are 7-12th graders meet bimonthly attend, attend empowering sessions, and outings to build character, set goals, and over adversity.

The process first starts with the building of trust. Once the foundation is laid, comes truth. “My mentors and I, we let them know we were once their age. We made mistakes like them. Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from a different situation but you can still make it,” said. Glover. Focusing on education, manhood, self- empowerment, financial responsibility, etiquette, college readiness and more CGP men learn about working hard, not to depend on others, and to do things for themselves. All lessons Glover was taught by his own father.

Becoming a CGP man is not an easy process. Candidates submit an application; go through an interview, and a rigorous screening process before members of the new class is hand selected at the end of their junior year of high school. From there young men are mentored by Glover and his crew to start their transformation.

Culminating the entire journey is when they publically share their story permanently leaving anything holding them back behind them.

Houstonians saw the 2018 class at the annual Black Tie Gala befitting CGP’s scholarships and mentoring programs. During the program, NFL ‘s Adrian Peterson, The Church Without Walls’ Dr. Ralph Douglas West, Zazsby’s Shawn A. Taylor, The Monica Lewis’ School of Etiquette’ s Drian and Monica Lewis, Houston Black Restaurant Week, She’s Happy Hair’s Marcus Bowers, Twiler Poris, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church’s founding pastor, My Brother’s Keeper, and Houston Health Department’s Noel Pinnock were honored.

The true stars of the show were the men of CGP. Each young man passionately told stories of troubles and triumph to a packed Hobby Hall crowd. Guests could be seen wiping away tears, holding their hearts, and looking in awe. People saw “the pain, frustration, the angry” as well as “the triumph, the excitement, and the overcoming of these young men.”

This year’s gala had a theme to embraced the king that all CGP men have within themselves. Glover said, “ This reminds him men that God has already given them everything they need to succeed. We have to tap into it. We have to study. We have to show ourselves approved and do the work in order so we can be the best king,” exclaimed Glover.

No other joy would be greater for Glover than to see these young men changed and succeeding in life due to their involvement in CGP. Glover said his greatest joy would be to see all the young men that have gone to college and are doing well and succeeding as his greatest legacy. He wants to be known for changing the lives of men and putting them on the right path.

CPG has already become bigger than Glover ever image. Having more than 100 young men go off to college, he is proud of the growth and progress of the 501 © 3 nonprofit that started out off just mentoring a few teenagers.

Those interested in being part of the village to assist in changing the life of a young man can sign up to be a volunteer via Also, utilize the website to purchase a ticket to the gala and/or make a charitable contribution to minority programs.

A native of Athens, Alabama, Chauncy Glover is a self-proclaimed health enthusiasts, daddy boy, and lover of all things old school. The Troy University graduate holds a bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism, Music and Theatre and a degree in Public Relations. The Emmy winning journalist believes in the power of prayer and has strong faith.