Her Royal Highness: 2019 Minority Homecoming Queens

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 12/16/2019, 2:40 p.m.
Queen, as defined, is one who is the ruler of an independent state. Put that in perspective of a high ...

Miss Sterling Jalynn Bell

Miss Sterling Jalynn Bell

Jalynn Bell

Miss Sterling

“Beauty is not what’s on the outside, it’s within you. It is all about your character, how you treat people, and the way you present yourself. “

Bell is a graduating senior at Ross Shaw Sterling Aviation Early College High School. She is involved in several activities including cheer, ROSES, Gamma Phi Alpha Sisterhood, National Honor Society, and student council. She is also a basketball trainer. Some of her biggest honors are being inducted into the National Honor Society, being on the honor roll and winning the title of Lady Sterling. Her favorite subject is math. One day she hopes to own multiple businesses and give back to her community. Since she is a leading role at her school and very active in school, she uses her platform to push others to get involved, go to the games, and just participate in any school activities. After graduation, Bell plans to attend Grambling State University, Southern University and A&M College, or Prairie View A&M University to major in business administration and minor in health administration or accounting. Her hobbies are cheering, hanging out with friends, and going to the mall. Her most memorable contribution as queen is when she went represented her school at the Top Teens of America Ball. Bell got the chance to meet Sterling alumni and talked with them about their experiences when they were at school. She also met a little girl who admired her and wanted to be just like her. The experience touched her that she was a role model to the next generation and that people looked up to her.

Miss Waltrip Ashley Martinez

Miss Waltrip Ashley Martinez

Ashley Martinez

Miss Waltrip

“Beauty is the true illumination of your soul.”

Martinez is a graduating senior at Waltrip High School. Her favorite subject in school is science. She hopes to attend a 4-year college after graduating to gain knowledge to become a makeup artist. She loves to dance and likes to spend time with her friends and doing makeup. She loves her school and expresses that love to all students and makes sure her friends do too. Martinez's most memorable moment as queen was being able to act as a role model on her campus.

Miss Westbury Nubia Arely

Miss Westbury Nubia Arely

Nubia Sierra Arely

Miss Westbury

“Beauty consists of more than your appearance and outer looks. Beauty is who a person is. Personality, actions, uniqueness, all contribute to what beauty is. Most people think of looks when they hear the word beauty, but I believe it is so much more than what’s seen on the outside.”

Arely is a graduating senior at Westbury High School. The AP scholar’s favorite subject has always been English. She loves the way history, romances, comedies, and dramas can all be thought of, written, and eventually published for others to read and enjoy. After graduation, she hopes to attend the University of Houston Downtown to complete two years of basic education and then two years of nursing school to become a successful neonatal nurse. She then wants to advance her career to be an obstetrician. Her hobbies include going on long runs, hiking, volunteering, and baking for family and friends. Arely promotes school spirit by encouraging students to attend school activities, especially my senior classmates. She feels like it’s our last year and they should make the best out of it, what a better way than attending games and school activities. Her most memorable contribution as homecoming queen has been encouraging her classmates to keep pushing themselves and to not give up on the goals they very much want to accomplish. Even walking by in the halls and greeting students with a hello or “good morning” can make someone’s day better and she does her best to do that. She would like to thank her fellow senior class for believing, trusting, and allowing her to reign as the class of 2020’s homecoming queen. She wants to also thank her school principal, Ms. Monaghan, and Ms. Giles for giving her the opportunity to run.