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Ask Stacy for Feb. 16-17


DEAR STACY: I saw reports of Sarah Jessica Parker designing a handbag as an amFar fundraiser. What's going on in her acting life lately? -- Pat M., Ft. Dodge, Iowa DEAR PAT: The "Sex and the City" star appears as a guest on "Glee," as Isabelle Wright, a Vogue executive who works with Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). She shot the role of feminist leader Gloria Steinem for Amanda Seyfried's upcoming "Lovelace" drama about porn star Linda Lovelace -- but producers decided against using the Steinem segment, so the only way you'll get to see any of that performance is if it shows up as a special feature on the DVD release some day. DEAR STACY: I'd like to know more about Ricardo Chavira from "Desperate Housewives." What is he up to? Can you give some background, etc.? -- Tonya, Maui, Hawaii DEAR TONYA: The handsome actor, who played Eva Longoria's husband, Carlos Solis, on 'DH,' was born on Sept. 1, 1971, in Austin, Texas -- where he will be recognized with a Texas Medal of the Arts Award at a two-day event next month. He was raised in San Antonio. He's of Mexican, German and Irish descent. Chavira reportedly got interested in acting in high school as a way to meet girls. As things turned out, acting not only opened a new world to him, it helped him deal with the loss of his mother from cancer when he was just 15. (He's an active supporter of breast cancer research, and serves as San Antonio's honorary spokesman for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity in addition to other activities.) He received his undergraduate degree from San Antonio's Incarnate Word College, and then went on to get his MFA from University of California San Diego's Professional Actor Training Program before moving to Los Angeles. He and his wife, Marcea, have a son, Tomas, born in 2003, and a daughter, Belen, born in '08. Prior to "Desperate Housewives," Chavira played Freddy Rodriguez' brother-in-law on HBO's "Six Feet Under." Other credits include guest roles on "The Division" and "24," and features including "The Alamo." He's made it clear he's on the hunt for more "testosterone driven" roles, so we'll see what he comes up with. DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to the actor who played the husband on "Rhoda"? We used to love that show. -- B.E., Parkersburg, W.Va. DEAR B.E.: David Groh died of kidney cancer in 2008 in Los Angeles. The Brooklyn, N.Y., actor, whose roles ranged from Broadway (including Neil Simon's "Chapter Two") to film (including "Get Shorty") and TV (including the soap "General Hospital") was 68 years old.
DEAR STACY: Is the actress Maura Tierney ("NewsRadio," "ER,"), related to the actress Gene Tierney? -- Kelly B., Martins Ferry, Ohio DEAR BRIAN: No relation. COPYRIGHT 2013 STACY JENEL SMITH DISTRIBUTED BY CREATORS.COM