Run for Something endorses Taral Patel for Fort Bend Commissioner - 3 Changing The Face of Local Politics in Texas

Style Magazine Newswire | 9/19/2023, 11:49 a.m.
Taral Patel is proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports ...
Taral Patel for Commissioner - Fort Bend County Precinct 3

Taral Patel is proud to receive the endorsement of Run for Something (RFS), the groundbreaking organization that recruits and supports strong voices in the next generation of leadership.

Taral Patel released the following statement, “ We are thrilled by the outpouring of support from community leaders and constituents of diverse backgrounds who are coming together to elect new leadership. As the most experienced candidate in the race and with a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by our communities, I am committed to putting constituents first and delivering tangible results that improve the lives of every resident in our county.”

“As we continue to face ongoing threats against schools, democracy, and women's rights, I feel hopeful in announcing our biggest endorsement class of the year so far,” said co-founder and co-executive director Amanda Litman. “These candidates understand that local offices are key to enacting meaningful change. We are confident in their commitment to representing the needs of their communities with integrity.”

“Taral Patel has long worked to uplift people at the local, state, and federal level. He cares about access to healthcare - particularly the challenges that women in our state face today,” said former Senator Wendy Davis. “As County Commissioner, Taral will expand healthcare access, lift up the underserved, and do so much more.”

“These incredible leaders are emblematic of our belief in running good candidates everywhere,” said co-founder and co-executive director Ross Morales Rocketto. “Each of these folks contributes to an expanding movement of thousands of people who are making real change in their communities. I am so excited to welcome all these candidates to the RFS community.”

"As Fort Bend County's former Chief of Staff, Taral has been there for our community during the worst crises of our modern era, working around the clock, to save lives, protect property, and ensure the safety and well being of all of our residents,” said Fort Bend County Judge KP George. “The reason Taral has overwhelming support from local leaders and community members is because he’s been walking the walk and uplifting people in Fort Bend for years.”

Of our September class of 69 candidates:

17 are alumni running for something again

46% identify as people of color

22% identify as LGBTQIA

55% identify as women or non-binary

Our class of candidates represent 25 states

As we continue to build the progressive bench from the bottom-up, we are excited to support and amplify more talented, young progressives already making a difference at the state and local level.

The endorsement process includes an extensive internal review with background check, staff interview and insight from local state experts.

Major Campaign Supporters of the Taral Patel for Commissioner campaign include:

Former Senator and Senior Advisor to Planned Parenthood Wendy Davis

Fort Bend County Judge KP George

Precinct 3 City - Missouri City Mayor Robin Elackatt

Precinct 3 City - Stafford Mayor Ken Mathew

Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Daryl Smith

Stafford Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember Xavier Herrera

Former Fort Bend ISD Board President Jim Rice

Former Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson

Fort Bend United PAC

Fort Bend Hispanic Council

Latino Labor Leadership Council of Texas

Governor of Colorado Jared Polis

Plumbers Local 68

PipeFitters Local #211

Former State Representative Gina Calanni

Former State Representative Celia Israel

State Democratic Executive Committeeman representing Fort Bend & President of Our Revolution Fort Bend Mohammad “Jazz” Aijaz

State Democratic Executive Committeeman representing Fort Bend Dylan Russell

Fort Bend Precinct 3 - Precinct Chairs and Captains:

Mohammad Aijaz, 3016

Jonathan Marcantell, 3022

Barbara Shook, 3035

Nishan Khan, 3045

Raphonsel Perkins, 3043

Padma Srinivasan, 3065

Rachael Stone, 3065

Saba Umar, 3071

Catherine Alia, 3078

Pedro Valencia, 3098

Aswin Vasan, 3107

Anthony Lascanama, 3111

Sharjeel Hanif, 3121

Dylan Russell, 3127

Shaizad Chatriwala, 3127

Sumita Ghosh, 3129

Thomas Brooks, 3129

Donna Ellis, 3131

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, 3135

Becky Boykin, 3178

Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto launched RFS on Jan. 20, 2017 with a simple premise: help young diverse progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build a bench for the future. RFS aims to lower the barriers to entry for these candidates by helping them with seeding money, organization building, and access to the trainings needed to be successful. So far, over 130,000 young people from across the country have signed up to run and gained access to RFS resources.

Run for Something recruits and supports talented, passionate young people who advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years, with the ultimate goal of building a progressive bench.