An Inspiring Biography of Merze Tate From Penn Professor Barbara Savage

Born in rural Michigan at the turn of the century, Merze Tate was the first African-American woman to attend Oxford. She also graduated with a doctorate from Harvard, became a leading scholar on diplomatic history, colonialism, and nuclear arms, taught ...

Legally Blind Author Announces Debut of Series Centered on Flawed but Fierce Black Women in America

Before her Hollywood dreams were shattered, Pearle Monalise Brown was the tenacious aspiring actress from Compton's unforgiving, scarred streets. Never broken, Pearle switches gears to a fallback plan — resorting to using her beauty and acting skills to swindle money ...

Kwame Alexander, Daphne Maxwell Reid, and Denene Millner Headline the 2023 National Black Book Festival

The 2023 National Black Book Festival (NBBF) will be held Oct. 26-28 in Houston and will feature best-selling, award-winning author Kwame Alexander; actress and author Daphne Maxwell Reid, and best-selling, award-winning author Denene Millner. NBBF celebrates its 16th anniversary this ...

College Student’s Summer Job Leads to Remarkable Discovery in Hatchie: Keeper of the Secret

Some college students flip burgers during summer breaks; some have internships; and occasionally, one is plunged into an overwhelming flood of historical revelations with biblical implications.

Long-Awaited New Release in Dystopian EMP Series Now Available

“Five Years After is a veritable guidebook for surviving the apocalypse — and better yet, how to avoid it.” — Ward Larsen, bestselling author of Deep Fake

Financial Behavioral Expert, Anita R. Johnson, Continues to Inspire with Her Latest Book

Anita Johnson, a renowned Financial Behaviorist and author, continues to make waves in the world of personal finance with her latest books and speaking engagements. With a focus on empowering women and addressing the unique financial challenges faced by Black ...

Discovering Self-Love and Inner Happiness: 'The Girlfriend's Therapist Handbook' by Nettie Jones

In a world obsessed with external validation, 'The Girlfriend's Therapist Handbook' by Nettie Jones offers a transformative roadmap to prioritize self-love and discover true inner happiness.

Jay-Z-themed library cards spark increase in Brooklyn Public Library memberships

If anyone can make a trip to the library feel like a party, it’s Jay-Z, apparently.

The Book of HOV - A Monumental Ode to JAY-Z In The Heart Of Brooklyn

In the vibrant expanse of Brooklyn, New York, the Brooklyn Public Library is the nucleus of knowledge and community engagement, ever-en- thralling residents, and visitors alike. Now, it burgeons with a new vibrancy and an undeniable resonance of hip-hop culture ...

"Life on Other Planets: A Memoir of Finding My Place in the Universe" by Aomawa Shields, PhD

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... And the second and third and you'll just keep wishing until you run out of desires. You'll never run out of stars, though, so you can spend all night wishing and ...

From Rocks to Riches and Back Again: Acclaimed Restaurateur is Subject of New Book

“I always felt stories like Joe Costanzo’s and The Primadonna Restaurant are so important to tell.” – Rocky Bleier, Former Pittsburgh Steeler

Father writes 'Daddies Bake Cakes Too!' for brave daughter who had brain surgery

Jeff Mejias Jr. always wanted to write a children's book. After all, he has four kids and A LOT of material from which to choose.

Lofty Goals: Hillary Sets Her Sights on the Moon in Latest Adventure in Children’s Book Series

The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug children’s book series weaves a tapestry of experiences designed to intrigue, educate and inspire young readers. Hillary’s exciting escapades have included saving other ladybugs from a praying mantis, meeting Bigfoot, exploring a haunted ...

"Rich White Men: What It Takes to Uproot the Old Boys' Club and Transform America" by Garrett Neiman, foreword by Robin DiAngelo, introduction by Allen Kwabena Frimpong

One step ahead, three steps behind. That's how your life feels sometimes. You make movement forward and something comes along to push you back to where you were two weeks ago. Progress is made, and just as quickly taken away. ...

Juneteenth Books by various authors and illustrators

The celebration is coming soon, you can feel it in the air. Your entire family will gather together for one special day. There'll be picnics and tasty foods, dancing, and storytelling. No, it's not Christmas or your birthday, not Easter ...