Renowned PVAMU Experts Lead the Charge Against Critical Global Environmental Challenges

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 4/18/2024, 11:13 a.m.
With Earth Day on the horizon, Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) emerges as a beacon of hope in the fight …

With Earth Day on the horizon, Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) emerges as a beacon of hope in the fight against pressing environmental issues. As the world gears up to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, PVAMU reaffirms its commitment to environmental research, innovation, and advocacy.

From climate change to water scarcity, air pollution, and beyond, the challenges facing our planet are multifaceted and complex. Yet, amidst these challenges, PVAMU's esteemed experts are leading the charge with groundbreaking research and actionable solutions:

Dr. Ram Ray: Associate Professor in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. His research focuses on climate-smart agriculture, carbon sequestration, and climate change hydrology.

Dr. Ali Fares: Endowed Professor and Editor of the Water Security Book Series. Dr. Fares specializes in disaster preparedness, flood prediction, water-energy-food nexus, and climate variability adaptation.

Dr. Premkumar Saganti: Regents Professor and Tenured Professor in Physics. Dr. Saganti's research delves into environmental consequences of space exploration, sustainable energy solutions, and managing space radiation risk.

Dr. Raghava Kommalapati: Honeywell Endowed Professor, whose research centers on sustainable energy solutions and utilizing waste for bioenergy generation.

Dr. Aruna Weerasooriya: Professor at the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center. Dr. Weerasooriya's expertise spans greenhouse operations, plant systematics, and botanical garden management.

Dr. Richard Griffin: Professor in Agriculture Nutrition & Human Ecology. Dr. Griffin's research focuses on soil health, wetland soil hydrodynamics, and ecological-based agricultural approaches.

Dr. Carolyn J. Williams: Executive Associate Director of the Cooperative Extension Program. Dr. Williams spearheads initiatives in renewable forest resources and environmental systems research.

Dr. Gerard D'Souza: Dean of College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. Dr. D'Souza's research interests lie in environmental economics and sustainable development.

Dr. Ananda Amarasekara: Professor of Chemistry, specializing in renewable electrical energy storage technologies and sustainable biofuels.

Dr. Laura E. Carson: Research Scientist and Head of PVAMU's Panther Gardener Program. Dr. Carson's work focuses on biodegradable polymer systems and their agricultural applications.

With their expertise spanning diverse disciplines, these PVAMU experts are poised to drive meaningful change in addressing global environmental challenges. Through groundbreaking research, community engagement, and collaborative partnerships, PVAMU remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard our planet for future generations.

As Earth Day approaches, let us unite in support of PVAMU's tireless efforts to create a more sustainable and resilient world. Together, we can pave the way towards a brighter, greener future for all.

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