Chiefs Catholic Chaplain shares how he inspires reigning Chiefs champions

Alex Love, CNN | 2/7/2024, 8:44 a.m.
The pre-game hype speeches by Patrick Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid have been seen by many on social media.
The Kansas City Chiefs Catholic Chaplain, Father Richard Rocha, shares how he inspires the reigning Chiefs champions. Mandatory Credit: KCTV

The pre-game hype speeches by Patrick Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid have been seen by many on social media.

However, Father Richard Rocha of St. Roberts Bellarmine Catholic Church has his own way of pumping up players, through the power of prayer, to play like champions.

“I never pray for a win, but I always pray we play better than the other team,” Father Rocha described.

Father Rocha’s service to the Chiefs has earned him two Super Bowl rings. But for him, these symbolize more than just winning a game.

“I always try to bring them back to Christ and we do our prayer after the Mass I always end it with Our Queen of Victory pray for us and keep Jesus in our hearts forever,” Father Rocha said.

Once Father Rocha lands in Las Vegas on Friday, he’ll get to work being a spiritual coach for the players to keep a sense of normalcy in their minds.

“Anything that can look status quo I know helps their mental game and preparation,” Father Rocha added. “So, it’s just really been a wonderful last year and this year coming up.”

Father Rocha is no stranger to football; playing the game at Benedictine and coaching the sport for nearly 14 years. Now, he is considered a Super Bowl champion as the team’s Catholic Chaplain.

“I didn’t ever win a national championship or thought about a Super Bowl ring as a coach,” Father Rocha recalled. “But it shows you how God writes straight with crooked lines. So, two Super Bowl rings as a chaplain.”

The Chiefs have taken him in as part of their team and family over the last eight years. He has also taken in their families as part of his church congregation.

“They come with anxiety, everyone else with prayers, and special blessings at the end are all those things that can help ease their minds,” Father Rocha said.

Father Rocha will hold the Chiefs usual Saturday Mass, followed by a special service for staff, and families on Sunday the big game.

The Super Bowl will air on CBS with kickoff scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. central time.