Celebrating Black Music Month: Gwendolyn Quinn and Bill Carpenter’s Super Playlist

Jo-Carolyn Goode | 6/3/2024, 11:19 a.m.
As Black Music Month marks its 45th anniversary this June, public relations veterans and content creators Gwendolyn Quinn and Bill …
Bill Carpenter and Gwendolyn Quinn

As Black Music Month marks its 45th anniversary this June, public relations veterans and content creators Gwendolyn Quinn and Bill Carpenter have created a special tribute to Black music and its creators. Their “Gwendolyn & Bill’s 45th Black Music Month Super Playlist” features over 20 hours of music, including more than 300 classic and hit songs spanning 21 diverse sub-genres. This playlist not only celebrates the popular genres of hip-hop and R&B but also explores the broader spectrum of Black musical artistry.

A Diverse Musical Journey

The playlist is a rich tapestry of musical genres, from the timeless elegance of The American Songbook and Blue-eyed Soul to the raw intensity of Blues and Broadway. It captures the infectious rhythms of Disco and Dance, the soulful strains of Gospel, and the dynamic beats of Hip-Hop and Jazz. Other genres include Country, Folk, Go-Go, Movie Soundtracks, Opera/Classical, Protest Music, Reggae, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Spoken Word, and World Music, offering listeners a comprehensive experience of Black musical excellence.

A Collaborative Passion Project

The inspiration for this expansive playlist came from Gwendolyn Quinn, a globally acclaimed publicist and communications strategist. She sought to highlight the often-overlooked sub-genres of Black music and enlisted the expertise of Bill Carpenter, a respected music journalist and author. “Every year when Black Music Month comes around in June, I find there’s a lack of attention given to some of the other sub-genres of Black music,” Quinn explains. “It was fun collaborating with Bill, discussing song choices and their significance.”


Bill Carpenter shares Quinn’s passion for music. “I should have been a DJ,” he says. “When Gwendolyn brought this playlist idea to me, a whirlwind of songs instantly filled my mind. Sharing great music is an infectious joy, and I hope this playlist spreads far and wide.”

A Call to Celebrate and Support

Quinn and Carpenter’s playlist is not just a collection of songs; it’s a call to action. “It’s disheartening that we don’t fully engage with the breadth of Black music,” Quinn notes. “By purchasing music and attending concerts, we support the creators. This playlist aims to inspire listeners to explore and celebrate Black music, not just in June but all year round.”

About the Curators

Gwendolyn Quinn’s illustrious career includes collaborations with music legends and contributions to prominent publications like NBCNews.com, Huff Post, and Essence.com. She is also an executive producer of the Jazz Music Awards on PBS Passport. Bill Carpenter’s writings have been featured in The Washington Post, People, and Living Blues. He has also appeared on TV One’s UnSung Presents: Best in Black, discussing icons like Lena Horne and Nat King Cole.

Experience the Playlist

Dive into the rich legacy of Black music by tuning into “Gwendolyn & Bill’s 45th Black Music Month Super Playlist” on Spotify [here](https://spotify.com).

Gwendolyn Quinn and Bill Carpenter's Black Music Month Super Playlist is a testament to the depth and diversity of Black musical heritage. It’s a celebration that invites listeners to not only enjoy but also to support and delve deeper into the myriad of genres that make up this rich cultural tapestry. For the readers of Houston Style Magazine, this playlist is an invitation to experience, appreciate, and honor the remarkable contributions of Black artists throughout music history.

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